Wednesday 24 March 2021
Tuesday 08 June 2021

Code: 8506


Boost your skills, confidence and understanding of what’s required for a great performance in your written work for Edexcel GCSE Drama. Experienced teacher, writer and director Dr Rachel Knightley has designed this course to clarity objectives and improve results on the written sections from evaluations to live theatre reviews.


  • Improve your grades with effective practical guidance
  • Build a strong template of questions to address in evaluations and reviews.
  • Build confidence on the page with strong, clear and focused written answers.
  • Explore and express your individual contribution and group achievement in evaluations.
  • Clarify the points to address in live theatre reviews.
  • Consolidate your knowledge of advanced exam technique, to ensure students maximise their potential.


  • Students of Edexcel GCSE Drama


4.00 – 4.30pm: Written Evaluations: Key Ingredients of a Great Recipe 

  • Identify and address the three key sections of written evaluations: interpretation, contribution, how initial aims and influences (genre or practitioner) translated in the final piece.
  • Explore how written evaluations benefit your students’ understanding of process and performance
  • Structure the right information in the right way for an excellent evaluation.

4.30 – 5.00pm: Analysing and Evaluating Live Theatre 

  • Identify and address the technical and artistic elements a good review needs to address.
  • Ensure your students understand and express the differences of the three Ps a review addresses: the individual performance, choices made for the production, and the play text itself.
  • Relate your set text exploration to live theatre – asking the same questions of productions of the same play and wider theatre-going (online and in person).

5.00 – 5.30pm: Good Writing under Exam Pressure 

  • Clarify the key points to remember for writing in exam conditions.
  • Turning initial ideas into great paragraphs: tips, techniques and writing prompts to help the work “write itself” faster and better.
  • Strategies for achieving top grades in the exam
  • What constitutes a successful response for the A/A* candidate?
  • Varying commentary practice to stretch the most able.
  • Revision ideas to help students produce high grade essays.

Dr Rachel Knightley

Dr Rachel Knightley is the author of Illuminate Publishing’s GCSE Drama Study and Revision Guide. She is a former senior tutor of the Questors Youth Theatre and was resident speech and drama teacher at Heathfield GDST School until 2013, when she moved into full-time writing and private tuition. Rachel has directed, performed and written for theatre; her first collection of short stories (greatly influenced by her background in performance) will be published in 2021. Rachel teaches English Language and Literature, Drama and Theatre Studies, Public Speaking and LAMDA Exams privately from her base in southwest London and online.