As drawing is now a requirement for all titles within the GCSE specifications and encouraged within the new A level specifications, this course will provided teachers with vital lesson plans and strategies to ensure the successful use of drawing in all titles including Photography. A key focus of the course is to increase your confidence in teaching essential drawing skills.

In this engaging, practical hands-on workshop you will explore a range of ‘take away’ approaches to drawing, the ‘must haves’ that will improve your knowledge, understanding and confidence to teach using a variety of skills and techniques in order to have maximum impact on your students’ attainment. We will explore best practice for the new GCSE, AS & A-level, how to embed drawing in different roles for different purposes into students’ work. All sessions will link to the latest GCSE/AS & A-level specifications and assessment objectives.

The course is suitable for all A level and GCSE teachers of Art & Design who are looking for fresh approaches to improving students’ skills in drawing, improve attainment and achievement levels. The course will also give you the opportunity to explore the role of drawing in other courses, such as Graphic Communication, Textile Design, Three-Dimensional Design and Photography


  • Teach your students to draw with creativity and confidence, be they Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Textile Design, Three dimensional design or Photography
  • Find out more on how to reach level 9 GCSE or A* at A level, how to stretch the intellectual nature of drawing, the higher order thinking, in order to raise achievement
  • Provide key strategies to students for skills and techniques to respond to starting points in an imaginative, personal, meaningful and informed way
  • Employ the broad spectrum of drawing for different roles and purposes in a manner which is meaningful to your GCSE/AS or A level students
  • Understand how drawing can be used to plan, organise, develop, explore, speculate, express, record, observe and communicate ideas
  • Take away lesson plans and ideas for exciting and inspirational schemes of work which embrace the importance of drawing for GCSE/AS and A-level Art and Design.

Course requirements

Please bring an example of your students’ current good practice in relation to drawing for discussion and debate.

  • On arrival at this course you will receive specially prepared file containing detailed notes, and teaching materials and resources which will be of immediate practical benefit in the classroom
  • You will also receive a full set of additional resources electronically Please state if you will be sending in any additional resources for the office to send to delegates electronically
  • You must bring an A5 blank sketchbook or bigger and a selection of drawing materials

COURSE DATE London | Monday 06 July 2020
* Please note, this course will be held online on the designated date if it’s not possible to run in venues.
  • All teachers of GCSE, or A-level Art & Design courses teachers looking to revitalise their art course and embed drawing into future students’ work in line with the needs of the new assessment objectives
  • Teachers looking to get to grips with what is expected as GCSE and/or A level in drawing
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Course
  • A specially prepared folder of 50+ pages full of detailed notes, practical advice and guidance
  • Notes prepared by the educational experts leading the course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance

10.00 – 11:15am

Session 1 – What is ‘Drawing’? How it impacts on learning quality and attainment

  • Examine the vitally important role and purpose of drawing – idea to image
  • Component 1 – Different approaches for different titles;
  • Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Textile Design, 3-Dimensional Design and Photography
  • Relate drawing to the assessment criteria for Art & Design
  • What the exam boards are looking for in student work – what hits the top mark bands

Drawing Workshops 1 & 2 – Imaginative and independent learning strategies

Recording, exploring, analysing & speculating

Practical ideas in 2-D and 3-D to employ with your students

11:30 – 12:30pm: Session 2 – Drawing as a communication tool Advancing ideas, reviewing and refining

Drawing Workshops 3, 4 & 5

Develop ideas, problem solving, conventions and language
Short and punchy learning strategies in design and communication – keeping students motivated and focused

12:30 – 1:15pm: Lunch and informal discussion

1:15pm – 2:15pm
Session 3 – Extending Thinking – essential approaches for GCSE level 8 or 9 and A to A* A level students

Higher level thinking strategies, appropriate intentions, meaningful explorations, building personal responses.

Drawing Workshop 6

Experimentation, imagination & expression – ‘Thinking outside the box’!
Linking practical work with written annotation at both GCSE and A level across both components

2:15pm – 2:30pm Discussion, afternoon tea

2:30pm – 3:30pm: Session 4 – Creative Risks and Collaboration – Outstanding practice for the launching of component 2, the Externally Set Assignment.

Visual ‘brain storming’; the evolving & speculative nature of ideas through the physical activity of drawing

Drawing Workshop 7

Evolving, reviewing & refining – visual ‘Chinese Whispers’!
Group work, collaboration and ‘what if’?


Mark Coombes

Art and Design