This Webinar is designed to address the issue of the gaps that can exist in a student’s analytical skill between GCSE and A Level Dance courses. It also equips teachers with strategies and actual example of classroom activities which will enable students who have not been able to access GCSE dance or have studied dance more vocationally at school to gain the critical skills in a short space of time. The Webinar will arm you and your students with ‘quick up to speed’ skillset and ideas on how to implement these in relation to the key study areas of Rambert, Rooster & Bruce, and The Independent Dance Scene in Britain. The session will focus directly on the requirements of the AQA Level 3 Dance specifications with one eye clearly on the how to bridge any potential gaps in knowledge from Level 2.


  • Gain access to a body of successful ideas and resources guaranteed to extend your students
  • Take new ideas for how to stretch and challenge learners at all levels
  • Develop your curriculum to reflect new and highly successful ideas in the classroom
  • Obtain strategies to increase and maintain the interests of highly capable learner


4.00 pm
Introduction, welcome and sound check

What are the potential skills gaps in students moving from GCSE to A Level Dance

  • What new skills do they need at Level 3?
  • How to  ‘build on’ but quickly arm students with the new requirements for analysing dance work at Level 3

How do you tackle ‘up skilling’ student who have studied vocational dance or no dance at all at Level 2?

  • The essential ingredients needed to participate on A Level dance without the underpinning at level 2
  • Beyond the ideas discussed above what additional skills may need to be delivered at the beginning of a course

A Look at a range of strategies, advice and teaching examples to create a ‘up skill’ beginning to your A Level Dance course

Activity – How will this work for you?

  • Using the skills & the knowledge of your own timetable implement a 6 week ‘skills plan’ that can be embedded in your pre-existing Scheme of Work for A Level Dance.
  • How & What ‘independent learning activities’ can be attached to lessons allowing the student requiring this additional ‘up skilling’ to get up to speed quickly.

4.45 pm
The practical areas of the A Level Course

  • Brief look at the this issue in relation to the practical elements of the A level Dance course

Activity – How else can we get student ready for joining your rigorous A Level Dance programme?

  • Utilising pre summer tasks, liaising with feeder schools/Year 11
  • Online links to your dance tasks for all learners heading to you
  • Buddy schemes

Jason Bradley

Jason Bradley trained as a professional dancer at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance before becoming the senior dancer/teacher at Ludus Dance company. In the last 19 years he has been teaching GCSE and A Level Dance with a great deal of success. In that time he has built up a bank of resources which have been honed over time to provide excellent provision for students and teachers. Whilst Ofsted no longer grade observations in the period where they did, Jason continually received outstanding grade 1’s on each visit he took part in. He is passionate about teaching and passionate about sharing skills and good practice.