Online | Monday 19 April 2021

CODE: 8489


Students will be shown novel ways to attack genetics questions from a more logical perspective. They will learn to quickly express their ideas with high scoring annotated diagrams giving them more time to spend on the written aspects of their answers.


By the end of the webinar your students will be able to:

  • Pupils will have a fundamental understanding of DNA from a structural and functional perspective enabling them to tackle the trickier aspects of the exam including protein synthesis, an area examiners feel is poorly understood.
  • Students will be able to produce logical genetic diagrams in minutes allowing them to answer the most complex genetic cross problems with relative ease.
  • Understand how DNA actually produces the characteristics and products that make up life, a skill useful both at GCSE and beyond.


  • All students taking GCSE Biology


4.00 – 4.05  pm Welcome and Introduction

 4.05pm:  DNA (10 minutes)

  • The biochemical enigma’s structure
  • Bases, genes and chromosomes
  • Alternative forms of genes

 4.15pm: Cell division (15 minutes)                         

  • Wear and tear division
  • Reduction division
  • Forming the next generation.

 4.30pm: Genetic diagrams and pedigree analysis (15 minutes)                                                                 

  • A punnet of strawberries?
  • Inheriting one characteristic.
  • When genetics goes wrong

4.45pm: Protein synthesis (15 minutes)                                                                               

  • What is protein synthesis?
  • How does protein synthesis happen?
  • What are the consequences (good and bad) of protein synthesis?

Debbie Nsefik

With over 20 years in teaching, Debbie has been a classroom teacher, a Head of Department, an education consultant and a senior examiner for OCR. Debbie has worked in a range of educational environments. She taught in an inner-city comprehensive school, a prestigious independent school both in Central London and several years training teachers (for their license accreditation) in the state of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. She brings with her a wealth of experience, knowledge and novel ideas from this diverse and unique background.

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