DATE: Tuesday 08 December 2020 – 4pm

CODE: 8326


This revision session will help students improve the key skills of listening, reading and translation in English, focussing on types of questions, examination technique and developing strategies to avoid common pitfalls so that students can approach papers 1 and 3 with confidence.


  • Refine examination technique and gain confidence in how to tackle different types of question
  • Look at synonyms and opinion phrases as a tool to help with listening and reading passages
  • Develop a logical approach to translation and how to gain the higher marks

4.00 – 4.05pm Welcome and Introduction

4.05-4.15pm: Understanding what is required in the listening paper

  • Types of question you will encounter
  • Answering questions in a precise manner
  • Answering questions in the target language

4.15-4.25pm: Maximising performance in the listening examination     

  • Using the reading time effectively
  • Making the most of synonyms and opinion phrases
  • Being aware of tenses throughout the listening passages

4.25-4.35pm: Understanding what is required in the reading paper                                                        

  • Types of question you will encounter
  • How to break down longer passages into more manageable chunks
  • Answering questions in the target language

4.35-4.50pm: Maximising performance in the reading examination                                       

  • Knowing your opinion and statistical phrases
  • Looking for pitfalls and manipulating text
  • Answering the questions in the target language

4.50-5.00pm: Maximising performance in the translation into English section                                   

  • How to approach the text from a logical and grammatical perspective
  • Avoiding common pitfalls
  • Improving your translation skills independently

Lynnette Ketchell

Lynnette Ketchell is a highly experienced teacher of Foreign Languages and has worked in a variety of school settings. She has been Head of German in a large academy and, until recently, was Head of Languages in a high achieving school in the North West of England. Lynnette has been a German examiner for over 20 years on a variety of examination papers and is currently a Principal Examiner at Pearson and an examiner at AQA.