The focus of this NEW tailored in-school is to support students in securing their Grade 7 and work towards achieving higher grades in their GCSE Mathematics examinations. Following the first two years of these examinations, this conference will focus on challenging areas, and support students to develop the expected skills required for problem solving approaches to solutions. This will enable them to access higher tiered problems and be able to present their solutions in a coherent manner.



  • Learn how to boost grades in key areas and meet the demands of the most challenging exam questions
  • Develop examination technique, understanding and confidence to raise attainment
  • Benefit from a full range of practical questions for Problem Solving; Functionality; Reasoning and Students’ Inference skills
  • Functional skills and real-life scenarios will be a key focus throughout the conference
  • Ask questions of and gain advice and guidance from expert examiners

10.00 – 10.20am: Introduction and Welcome


10.20 – 11.00am: How to ensure the highest grades

  • Obtain expert guidance on areas to focus and avoid, based on previous papers
  • Gain understanding on how to be awarded maximum marks for working and answers.
  • STUDENT ACTIVITY: students mark examples to see how to ensure their work achieves top marks
  • There will be a specific focus in this session on developing students’ skills so as to improve their responses


11.00 – 11.20am: Morning Break


11.20 – 12.20pm: Methods and Applications for AO1 Fluency – how to maximise that final grade

  • Explore how to ensure answers always cover the full AO1 mark scheme
  • STUDENT ACTIVITY: Questions focusing on achieving Grades 7 to 9 with example responses and challenging student activities.
  • Student exercise: comparing responses to see how to maximise their answers for AO1
  • Quick fire strategies to avoid needlessly losing examination marks on these questions

12.20 – 12.50pm: Lunch


12.50 – 13.50pm:  Methods and Applications for AO2 Student Reasoning, Understanding and Inference 

  • Question our expert examiners on how to strengthen these skills
  • Developing reasoning and an algebraic approach to coherent solutions – how to stand out by producing high quality solutions
  • Improving inference and functionality skills to produce excellent answers
  • STUDENT ACTIVITY: examine strategies to tackle more complex problems through example responses

13.50 – 14.50pm: Methods and Applications for AO3 Problem Solving 

  • Explore the importance of excellent Problem Solving for gaining top grades
  • Approaches to revision and answers that will give access to the highest grades
  • STUDENT ACTIVITY: Examples of common misconceptions and errors that students make – how to avoid these and get those high marks!
  • Maximising marks in AO2 and AO3 questions: final examiner advice and Question and Answer session


14.50 – 15.00pm: Final Top Tips with the subject experts

  • “Getting ready to achieve your Best Grade” – what students now need to do after today