In this webinar we will focus on the ‘theory’ content for higher tier only and work through exam questions involving this content. For each topic we will cover the higher level theory. We will then work through an exam question, exploring the points required by the mark scheme to gain full marks.  We will also look at the high level 5-mark calculations which usually involve recall and use of two formulae to solve the problem.


  • Revise key higher level content and theory which enables students to stand out in exams
  • Explore high level exam questions demonstrating what is required for top marks
  • Gain an increased understanding of what grades 7-9 students do in key exam questions
  • Obtain a resource pack containing theory and practice exam questions


  • Higher Tier students of AQA GCSE Physics


Welcome and Introduction

4.05 – 4.30pm
Typical questions and what students aiming for Grades 7-9 need to do

  • What examiners expect from top students
  • Dealing with the different question types – key tips
  • Examining questions and student responses on: increasing efficiency, pressure in grades, forces: free body diagrams, resolving forces, resultant forces.

Applying knowledge and understanding on challenging questions –

  • Motion graphs: gradients of tangents to distance time and velocity time graphs, area under velocity time graphs including counting squares method
  • Circular motion    – constant speed but hanging velocity

4.30 – 5.00pm
Revision of key concepts for the highest grades

  • Newton’s laws: inertia and inertial mass
  • Pressure in fluids
  • Ultrasound for depth calculations and distance to tissue boundary calculations
  • Properties of electromagnetic waves: absorb/transmit/refract/reflect
  • Practical applications of EM waves and their suitability for purpose
  • Black bodies and radiation
  • Electromagnetism: DC Motors, Loudspeakers, AC generators, DC dynamos, microphones Transformers

Sarah Battams

Sarah is current Senior Examiner for A level and GCSE Physics with a leading examination board. She writes and edits for the online resource GCSE Pod and is an author of high-quality Physics resources on TES. She is an outstanding practitioner with consistently excellent examination results and value added at GCSE and A level. Her uptake at A-level is excellent. She believes that Physics lessons should be motivational and enable students to understand how to tackle examinations. This year she received outstanding feedback from the A-level Practical monitoring visit.

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