Friday 30 April (4-5)

Code: 8151


Provide your students with a boost at the start of their Y12 French A Level course this year and get Y11 able linguists to considering A Level French as a possibility in the future…

This webinar includes a set of notes which will be sent in advance for teachers to use with their students and which students will be able to use after the webinar to support their learning or explore further their topics of interest.

This interactive webinar will focus on the main areas of studies for A Level French including:

  • French cultural topics studied in Year 12 such as National heritage and Tourism, Francophone music and French cinema
  • Film studies


  • Understanding key elements of French culture and how they will be presented in a French A Level class
  • Developing knowledge about other countries where French is spoken, as required by A Level French specification
  • Understanding of how previous GCSE knowledge links with A Level studies
  • Best practice guidance from an experienced A Level teacher and native French speaker
  • A set of notes and resources that can be used immediately to support language knowledge and explore the course independently


4.00 pm – Introduction, welcome and sound check

4.05 pm – From GCSE to A Level: key differences

  • Content focused on France and French-speaking countries
  • Taking all 4 skills to the next level: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing
  • Assessment expectations

4.10 pm – From the GCSE Holiday topic to A Level National Heritage and Tourism

  • Finding out more about French landmarks and other French-Speaking countries
  • Understanding the importance of Heritage in France and French-speaking countries
  • Discussion: How can we make sure Heritage is protected?

4.25 pmExploring Francophone Music and expressing advanced opinions

  • Finding out the main types of traditional and Modern music in French-speaking countries
  • Understanding differences of Francophone music with music from English-speaking countries
  • Discussion: Should Francophone music be protected?

4.40 pm – French Cinema and Film Studies

  • Why/How is French Cinema different?
  • Popular French-speaking films
  • Discussion: Can you talk about the main characters in this film?

4.55 pm – Exploring French culture and close

Isabelle Jones

Isabelle Jones is a highly experienced teacher and leader in Foreign Languages, she has worked in a range of schools, facing the full breadth of challenges facing the teachers today. Isabelle has delivered Professional Development in a range of settings including for the ALL, schools and universities. She has been involved in reviewing and authoring a number of textbooks, magazines and online materials such as the OUP French GCSE textbook, BBC bitesize and MGP. Isabelle has also been a contributor to the TES and the Guardian and currently blogs at