• Professional actors bring to life the impact of World War II on a German family
  • Experience the drama, action, humour and reality of German life from 1918-45
  • Extensive use of film and music from the time brings the experience to life
  • Expert historians bring depth of analysis to significant issues and controversies


  • Excellent, entertaining actors who encompass the issues of the period
  • A creative, interactive and visually exciting way for your students to learn
  • Get involved with expert historians debating controversial subject areas
  • Hear from examiners on how to attain top level exam outcomes


CONFERENCE DATES Coventry Friday 01 March 2019
London Tuesday 05 March 2019
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ACT I: 1918 – 1923 Was the Weimar Republic doomed from the start?

Looming Defeat: November 11th, 1918: the German soldiers in the trenches face looming defeat in the First World War.


ACT II: 1923 - 1929 Were the ‘Golden Years’ really golden?

Stresemann arranges huge loans of US dollars. The economy booms and Germans have money to spend.
These are known as ‘The Golden Years’. But did everyone benefit?


ACT III: 1929 – 1932 Hitler’s opportunity: Nazi success

 A deepening depression and Hitler seizes the moment: What were the factors leading to Nazi success?


ACT IV: 1933 – 1945 How did Hitler control Germany?

The war years – why did the Nazis go on fighting after 1943?

Once Chancellor, Hitler soon becomes dictator, but war changes everything,
bringing first the Holocaust and by 1945 the Nazis are reduced to dust.



The next 10 years: how Germany moved on from 1945


Professional Acting Group (8 actors) led by Gareth Kane

Chris Culpin

Author, leading historian in education, examiner

Nicola Barthorpe

Senior examiner for GCSE History, Head of History


two historians for 2018 tbc

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