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ABOUT THIS WEBINAR: Component 1: Exploring The Group Choreography Paper (Due Sept 15 2020) For Assessment in 2021

With the release of the Group Choreography paper (due 15 September 15 onwards), this webinar will explore the 3 questions, giving initial ideas of how they may be approached, as well as general guiding principles to success on the group choreography assessment.

BENEFITS OF ATTENDING: How will staff benefit from this webinar?

  • Explore the AQA specification requirements of component 1 in full (solo, quartet and group choreography), and have an understanding of how best to build a scheme of work that facilitates student success
  • Discuss the 3 questions of the group choreography paper this year, and take away practical teaching approaches and activities to apply to your own teaching
  • Develop your understanding of the assessment methods on component 1 (in particular the group choreography), and build confidence in your ability to accurately assess student work
  • Find out more about the different approaches to support students to gain an A*-B success


4:30 – 4:45pm: The Requirements of Component 1 in Full – solo, quartet, and group choreography

  • Knowing the requirements of the specification, including administration, assessment objectives and marking grids
  • The do’s and don’ts: common student pitfalls, review of examiners reports and how to access your centre assessment data
  • Basic concepts of how to build an appropriate practical SOW over 2years, and best teaching practice for approaching the group choreography

4:45- 5:30pm: Exploring the 3 Questions of This Years ( 2021) Group Choreography Paper                     

  • Explore this years group choreography paper, discussing ideas of how to approach each question title and how it can be accurately transposed into student choreography
  • Suggested resources for this years questions to aid both staff and student understanding
  • Finding music, and the important do’s and don’ts to ensure students have the capability to access the highest marks
  • Introducing the paper to the students, and a suggested developmental SOW; from initial research tasks, workshop structure, teaching methods for early choreography development and how to develop and refine content whilst ensuring their response stays on question
  • Practical strategies to support students to gain an A* -B success

5:30-5:50pm: Developing Your Understanding of the Assessment Methods                                                            

  • Understanding the assessment marking grids and how to accurately assess student responses; including discussion on the subtle differences between banded criteria
  • Example responses and marking tasks with feedback for A/A* – B and Grade C work
  • How to utilise assessment as a development learning tool for students within lessons
  • The value of a reflective student log book, and how this can be integrated with assessment and feedback to ensure it is successful applied within their work

5:50-6pm: Programme Notes                                                                    

  • Meeting exam board requirements for the programme note aspect
  • Importance of the programme note for group choreography, and how to maximise its impact on success of results
  • How best to structure the programme note, including an exemplar template to work from

Toni Knight
Toni Knight has been teaching at a highly successful 6th Form College for 7 years, covering A-level Dance, BTEC Dance, A-level PE and BTEC Sport. For 4 years, she has held the position of Head of PE, Sport and Dance, and led the department to gaining ‘National Teaching Team of the Year’ in Oct. 2019 at the Pearson National Teaching Awards hosted on the BBC. On taking on the leadership of the Dance provision, it has not only grown in size with the cohort being one of the largest in the country for A-level, but most notably the course attainment has drastically improved under her leadership; highlighted in 2019 by a 100% A*-B rate and a high ALPs grade 2 on A-level Dance with students from very mixed background. Toni has experience of examining in both Dance and PE, and has worked with several exam boards over the years.