Provide your students with a boost on the exam skills and knowledge needed for the Writing paper and the Speaking endorsement of the AQA GCSE French examination.

This webinar includes a set of notes which will be sent in advance for teachers to use with their students and which students will be able to use after the webinar to improve their exam revision.

This interactive webinar will focus on what students find most challenging about the Writing paper and developing their speaking skills to meet the criteria for the Distinction endorsement, including:

  • Spontaneity, fluency and the development of ideas orally
  • Developing the range and the accuracy of lexis and structures used
  • Improving pronunciation and intonation
  • Applying grammar and conveying messages accurately when translating into French


  • Practising key exam techniques to get your students to achieve the very best result
  • Deepening students’ understanding of marking criteria in order to achieve the best outcomes in the Speaking endorsement and Writing paper
  • Developing a range of strategies to enable students to produce high quality answers and understand how speaking and writing complement each other
  • Best practice guidance from an experienced GCSE teacher and native French speaker
  • A set of notes and resources that can be used immediately in class and for revision
DATE & LOCATION  Online | Friday 23 April (3.30 – 4.30pm)
  • GCSE French Students
  • Notes prepared by the educational expert leading the course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations


4.00 pm – Introduction, welcome and sound check

4.05 pm – Understanding the criteria of the speaking endorsement

  • Differences between Pass, Merit and Distinction
  • Importance of the Speaking skills to support other skills
  • Practising pronunciation

4.20 pm – Tips and hints for developing speaking skills successfully

  • Understanding and asking questions
  • Sentence-building and development of ideas
  • Impressive use of grammar

4.30 pmDeveloping core language skills to excel in the writing paper and speaking endorsement tasks

  • Understanding of rubric vocabulary
  • Tenses and time phrases
  • Manipulating language from questions to answers

4.40 pm – Understanding the requirements of the writing paper

  • Different question types and their challenges
  • Assessment criteria in practice
  • Proofreading for a range of structures and grammatical accuracy

4.50 pm – Tips and Hints to maximise performance in the writing exam

  • Common pitfalls to avoid in the exam
  • Resources to practise skills needed in the exam
  • Improving performance in the translation into French

Isabelle Jones

Isabelle Jones is a highly experienced teacher and leader in Foreign Languages, she has worked in a range of schools, facing the full breadth of challenges facing the teachers today. Isabelle has delivered Professional Development in a range of settings including for the ALL, schools and universities. She has been involved in reviewing and authoring a number of textbooks, magazines and online materials such as the OUP French GCSE textbook, BBC bitesize and MGP. Isabelle has also been a contributor to the TES and the Guardian and currently blogs at isabellejones.blogspot.com