Please note, this course will be held online on the designated date if it’s not possible to run in venues.


This course is designed to assist A Level Dance teachers with developing successful skills appropriate for the Technical Solos present in component 1. Delegates will learn a sketch of two technical solos throughout the course of the day, and will also be provided with teacher and student resources to facilitate success back in class/studio. Delegates will also receive video copies of the solos to use within their own school after the course. The day is split up to focus equally on each of the two solos, focusing on the movement detail and the stylistic and dynamic qualities of each artist. With the emphasis continually on how students can capture the qualities of the chosen artists.


Delegates will,

  • Be learning two technical solos which they can take back to their own schools
  • Undertake a range of activities which will enable them to plan, advise and assist with the development of technical solos, and to do that with confidence
  • Receive a pack of resources which can be used with students back at school
  • Spend time around like minded teachers, where thoughts and strategies can be shared
COURSE DATE London | Monday 14 June 2020
  • A Level Dance Teachers looking for new strategies to use for the Technical Solo
  • Experienced teachers wishing for a change, or add another solo to their teaching plan to assist with differentiation within their cohort
  • New A level teachers requiring some strategies to deal with the rigor and complexity of the technical solo element
  • A Level Dance teacher with time constraints within their contact time who need to teach elements of the practical work in a quick but effective manner
  • Dance teachers thinking about undertaking A level Dance 20/21
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Course
  • A specially prepared folder of 50+ pages full of detailed notes, practical advice and guidance
  • Notes prepared by the educational experts leading the course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance
  • Two course restaurant lunch
  • Refreshments throughout the day
  • Guaranteed high quality venues


10.00 – 10.05am
Welcome and introductions

  • Overview focus of the day
  • Brief outline of what exactly the examiner is looking for in Technical Solo

10.05 – 10.35am
Practical Warm Up, utilising the skills required within ANY technical solo

  • Technical Warm up focusing on all areas of the body and focusing in on key performance skills necessary generally & specifically within the West Side Story and Ruby Tuesday solos
  • How can we use technical & anatomical language in class to extend student knowledge and their own personal vocabulary?

10.35 – 11.15am
Learning of West Side Story Solo & focus on Jerome Robbins

  • Whilst learning the solo, how can we continually highlight key stylistic features/qualities verbally to students?

11.15 – 11.30am
Discussion: coffee break

11.30 – 12.15pm
Continued (and completion of) West Side Story Solo

  • How important are facial expressions & characterisation & how can we attach this to Dynamic Qualities in the body

12.15 – 1.15pm
Lunch and informal discussion

1.15 – 1.30pm
Utilising quick safe and effective warm ups to assist with short lesson allocation

  • Using Cardio Vascular Training to get the bodies quickly ready for action
  • How do we contact every area of the body quickly and then moving on Learning Ruby Tuesday solo and Focus on Bruce/Rambert

2.30 – 2.45pm
Discussion: afternoon tea

2.45 – 3.30pm
Continued (and completion of Ruby Tuesday solo)

  • How important are facial expressions & characterisation & how do we attach this to Dynamic Qualities in the body?

3.30 – 3.45pm
Observation of Practical Examples

  • Looking at a range of Solos & identifying what works and what doesn’t
  • Development of effective marking systems

Jason Bradley

Jason trained as a professional dancer at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance before becoming the senior dancer/teacher at Ludus Dance company. In the last 19 years he has been teaching GCSE and A Level Dance with a great deal of success. In that time he has built up a bank of resources which have been honed over time to provide excellent provision for students and teachers. Whilst Ofsted no longer grade observations in the period where they did, Jason continually received outstanding grade 1’s on each visit he took part in. He is passionate about teaching and passionate about sharing skills and good practice.