Online | Wednesday 09 June 2021

3:30 – 5pm

CODE: 8427

ABOUT: KS3 building the foundation into KS4 – English Curriculum Planning to maximise progress

Curriculum planning has never been so important. Not only has Ofsted completely reworked their framework around the curriculum, but COVID has left students with huge gaps in knowledge skills. The result? Teachers need to react and be proactive; adapting their curriculum ensuring it is fit for purpose both for now and in the future. The words ‘mastery’ and ‘spiral curriculum’ are now synonymous with curriculum planning. But what do they mean in the context of our subject? This course will aim to explore how to effectively create an English curriculum that builds from KS2-3 and pulls down from KS4 to ensure a smooth learning journey throughout the student’s high school learning journey.


  • Consider the aims of the secondary English Curriculum
  • Explore how curriculum is judged by Ofsted
  • Consider ways to adjust and adapt existing SOWS to address gaps
  • Explore the necessity for ‘mastery’ and ‘spiral’ planning and how to achieve them in your curriculum
  • Teachers of English
  • Heads of English
  • English KS3/4 leads
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Course
  • You will receive a specially prepared file electronically containing detailed notes, and teaching materials and resources which will be of immediate practical benefit in the classroom.
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance


3.30-3.55pm Using the Curriculum to Maximise Results

  • Identify and explore the English curriculum aims as outlined by the national curriculum, our own professional viewpoints and Ofsted 3 I’s inspection framework

3.55-4.20pm Planning for Mastery

  • Planning the ‘spiral’ and planning for ‘mastery’ – defining these terms and exploring how to avoid ‘limiting’ the curriculum breadth whilst ensuring depth of study by looking at practical effective examples.

4.20-4.40pm Using Schemes of Work effectively

  • Exploring simple and easy to implement strategies for using existing schemes of work within your school to ensure gaps are plugged.
  • Exploring how you can identify the skills and knowledge needed and plan to embed key concepts into long term memory.

4.40-5.00pm Ofsted – be prepared for success!

  • Ofsted preparation: how we can expect Ofsted to assess the curriculum as part of an Inspection and practical effective plans for responses to questions during Inspections.

Sarah Eggleton

Sarah Eggleton is an Assistant Headteacher at a High School in Manchester with a proven track record for improving student outcomes. She is currently Head of English and holds whole school responsibility for Literacy, Developing Staff and Marking and Feedback. Sarah is particularly passionate about closing the gap and improving literacy.