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It is expected of all A level History students that they should show an understanding of historians’ work and methodology, and the very best are expected to show an awareness and understanding of the latest in historical thinking and interpretations. But how can hard-pressed history teachers incorporate the latest thinking into their teaching and into the students’ learning to boost the quality of their exam and coursework answers and lead to higher grades?

This new webinar focuses on improving students’ ability to analyse academic interpretations through extending their higher order thinking skills.  It will provide strategies and methods to enhance and deepen students’ critical thinking skills when critiquing the work of academic historians.

Led by A level examiner, academic historian and university admissions expert Dr Sean Lang, whom many of you will know, the webinar will improve students’ historical thinking skills for their crucial applications and interviews to study History at university, including at Russell Group and other leading universities.


  • Gain techniques for raising the level of student thinking on academic interpretations
  • Improve student answers to questions on academic historians’ ideas
  • Develop strategies for helping students to engage with historiographical debate
  • Obtain information to give your students the edge when applying to study degree-level History


Welcome and Introduction


Enhancing thinking skills on academic texts

  • Entering the historians’ mind – the latest academic thinking and ideas on dealing with interpretations
  • Different types of academic text and how students should approach them
  • What examiners and academics expect and how to utilise this to produce better, more relevant A level answers

Challenging the historian

  • Breaking reverence – challenging academics appropriately
  • Detecting the historian in the history
  • Deconstruction of the argument: tackling the challenge of finding, critiquing and judging experts well
  • Rising above the debate – formulating your own ideas and making sure that they are ‘right’!

Workshop – Analysing good and bad examples of the use of historians


Developing the required depth of higher order thinking for university applications and interviews

  • What universities are currently looking for and including this in your teaching
  • What students will find when they come to interview – ensuring understanding of the latest historical issues
  • Ideas for establishing school-university partnerships and networks

5.00 pm Final Questions and close

Dr Sean Lang

Dr Sean Lang is Senior Lecturer in History at Anglia Ruskin University and an authority on university admission to study History, reading hundreds of applications each year. He is an examiner and a former Head of Department for History in schools. He is a Fellow of the Historical Association, where he served twice as Honorary Secretary.  He is well known and popular broadcaster on History on radio and television.