This course aims to give teachers an overview of how to run an outstanding Art and Design Department. It will explore the following priorities:

  • Curriculum mapping and design- how to ensure balance, breadth, scaffolding and an effective curriculum, whilst minimising workload, in addition to justifying your learner’s journeys to OfSTED.
  • Departmental improvement plans – how to identify areas of weakness and solutions for them
  • Effective tracking and intervention models to increase attainment for students.
  • Outstanding teaching strategies including art and design homework templates, lesson activities and pedagogical approaches and OfSTED approved practices
  • A breadth of approaches to student assessment in Art and Design.
  • What makes an outstanding art department leader? Roles and responsibilities of leaders, creating a vision and sense of purpose, inspiring and leading from the front and how to ensure all teachers within your department are teaching as effectively as they can be.


  • Take away exemplar curriculum planning design models, homeworks and lesson resources for leading an outstanding art department
  • Gain a variety of effective intervention models
  • Discover how to prioritise and implement departmental improvements
  • Explore OfSTEd approved T&L strategies tailored to outstanding Art and Design delivery
  • Discover how to create a progressive, sequential art and design curriculum map covering the key concepts, knowledge and skills you need to cover in art and design
  • Discover a range of proven strategies that can engage children in art and design
  • Increase your awareness on what makes an outstanding Art & Design leader, reflect on this and identify areas for professional development.
  • Network with other likeminded individuals

COURSE DATE Online | Tuesday 11 January 2022

London | Wednesday 22 June 2022

  • Heads of Art
  • Deputy/Assistant Heads of Art
  • Art & Design Line managers
  • All teachers wanting to raise student performance in Art
  • Experienced Art teachers
  • New Art teachers aspiring to lead their own department one day
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Course
  • A specially prepared folder of detailed notes, practical advice and guidance
  • Notes prepared by the educational experts leading the course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance


10.00 – 11:15am: Curriculum mapping and design

Every subject should have a well sequenced and progressive curriculum map which contains the key concepts, knowledge, skills and vocabulary you expect children to learn in that subject. This part of the training explains the very best practice and how to create an outstanding curriculum map, by providing exemplars and thinking points to consider. This part of the training will cover;

  • Balance and scaffolding – how the curriculum progresses and unfolds

  • Breadth and variety – materials, skills, content and concepts

  • Contemporary VS traditional debate.

  • Updating Schemes of Learning – how often?

  • Focus Children – a focus on which children Ofsted will pay particular attention to and how to produce case studies which demonstrate how ambitious and well implemented your curriculum has been.

  • Cultural Capital – an explanation about what cultural capital is and how art and design can contribute to the cultural capital in school.

11.15 – 11.30am: Break

11:30 – 12:15pm: Improving and intervention

This will provide an examination of effective action planning for art and design subject leaders including best practice assessment in art and design along with how to effectively keep records of progress and attainment, without adding significantly to teacher workload.

  • Departmental improvement plans – how to identify areas of weakness and solutions for them

  • Approaches to student assessment in Art and Design

  • Effective tracking & intervention models

12.15 – 13.00pm: Outstanding T&L

A key responsibility of an Outstanding Art leader is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in their department. This section will cover how to implement simple strategies to improve basic pedagogy in art and design lessons.

  • Outstanding homework – including progressive choice and talking homeworks which reduce teacher workload and increase participation and differentiation
  • Ofsted approved practices for T&L, including flipped learning and ‘silent teacher’ strategies

  • It’s all about the buzz: Rewards and Praise and extra-curricular opportunities

  • Power of the plenary and knowledge recall

13.00 – 14.00pm: Lunch

14.00 – 14.40pm: Leadership skills

OfSTED’s current inspection framework is all about leaders having an impact on the quality of teaching and learning in their subject. This training section will cover;

  • Roles and Responsibilities – an outline of the key roles and responsibilities of a subject leaders under the current Ofsted framework, including curriculum map/plan development, skilling up staff and gathering evidence of progress.

  • Making a Difference – to round off this session we finish with a discussion about principles and doing the right thing for the sake of the children and not Ofsted.

  • Leading from the front and inspiring and motivating your team

  • Managing difficult conversations

14.40 – 15:15pm: The reflective, outstanding Art leader

  • Monitoring and Self-Evaluation – best practice in lesson observations, work sampling, planning monitoring and gathering pupil voice in art and design.

  • What makes an outstanding art department leader? To lead anything effectively leaders need to be passionate and care about what they are doing. The job of a subject leader is often in addition to class responsibilities. The final part of this session looks at the impact subject leaders can have on children’s life chances and why a wider well taught Art curriculum is the right thing for every child in the school.

15:15pm – 15.30pm: Plenary and feedback

  • An opportunity to ask any further questions, summarise key learning and provide feedback.

15.30pm: Depart

Helen Jones

Dr Helen Jones is a Director of Teaching and Learning in Art with 11 years teaching experience. She has been an AQA A level and GCSE Art & Design moderator for the past 5 years. Helen completed an MA in Art Education and then completed a Doctorate in the subject. She has been assessed as an outstanding teacher by OfSTED, achieved record residuals at both GCSE and A level and delivered at a number of Art Education conferences. Helen achieved a 1st Class honours in Fine Art and continues to be a practicing Artist from her home studio in Chester. She has also received additional intensive CPD in Finland, to understand their world class education system and to draw progressive teaching and learning strategies from the Finnish approach to education.