Thursday 10 June 2021

Code: 8229


This course is designed for all teachers of A level Dance looking to raise student attainment levels in the Practical and Theoretical examinations. The webinar provides a range of teaching approaches, techniques and strategies to improve attainment for successful outcomes across the student ability range. The course will also give focus to ways of developing the skills and knowledge required to respond well to exam questions for you to be able to build your teaching around this.


4.30 – 5:10pm: Component 1: Solo, Quartet and Group Choreography

  • Guided overview of structuring the practical elements over two years
  • Teaching methods and approaches to maximise the practical potential of all students
  • What is the examiner looking to see to award high marks? Example live marking and peer feedback to support your students’ understanding of the assessment criteria
  • The Group Choreography paper: teaching approaches, exploring music choices and strategies to ensure the choreography stays on question
  • Utilising strengths within the practical questions
  • Practical lessons post-exam to further understand the theoretical components

5:10 – 5.45pm: Achieving Well in Component 2

  • What it takes to secure high marks in Component 2 – assessment objectives and weightings
  • Overview of different types of smaller mark questions, including how to approach different command words, length of student responses and common student pitfalls
  • The 25 mark essay response– how to write comprehensively and with command and authority
  • Understanding mark schemes and how to accurately assess student responses

5.45 – 6.00pm:   Picking the right optional elements for student success

  • Basic concepts of building a 2-year scheme of work to ensure maximum success of student outcomes, and building skills and concepts in a logical and linear manner
  • Guiding students to maximise marks in the practical through groupings and practitioner/question selection
  • Concepts on how to choose the optional named practitioners and optional works that you cover to maximise student success in Section A of the paper
  • What is the right area of study choice for Section B? How to pick wisely, and ensure optional choices complement success in both units

6.00 – 6:15pm: Student and staff support strategies to maximise A*-A rates

  • Creating appropriate assessment strategies for accurate tracking and outcome success
  • Successful intervention and support strategies, including how to build an extra-curricular provision to boost your cohorts A*-A rate
  • Resources to help both teacher planning and student independent study
  • Challenges of both small and large cohort sizes

Toni Knight 

Toni Knight has been teaching at a highly successful 6th Form College for 7 years, covering A-level Dance, BTEC Dance, A-level PE and BTEC Sport. For 4years, she has held the position of Head of PE, Sport and Dance, and led the department to gaining ‘National Teaching Team of the Year’ in Oct. 2019 at the Pearson National Teaching Awards hosted on the BBC. On taking on the leadership of the Dance provision, it has not only grown in size with the cohort being one of the largest in the country for A-level, but most notably the course attainment has drastically improved under her leadership; highlighted in 2019 by a 100% A*-B rate and a high ALPs grade 2 on A-level Dance with students from very mixed background. Toni has experience of examining in both Dance and PE, and has worked with several exam boards over the years.