Date: Monday 14 September 2020 – 4pm

Code: 8231


This 60 minute webinar will deal directly with the potential changes to A level and GCSE Dance  course which have been recently outlined by Ofqual as a result of their response to combating Covid 19.

The webinar will initially outline the changes in a clear and concise way before outlining a number of strategies to deal with these changes.  More specifically time will be spent looking at effective ways to establish the suggestion of developing a robust student Portfolio to offset any future inability to complete practical areas of the course.

The Ofqual document itself has outlined a range of specific elements to include in the Portfolio section and the session will look at ways of students communicating Research, Choreographic Logs, and Video evidence in a clear and methodical manner.  The webinar itself will deliver a series of different ways of developing the ‘Portfolio’ ranging from ‘low tech’ to ‘high tech’ responses.


  • Focus on understanding quickly the changes that may be implemented from September, In relation to the Performance, Choreography and Cataloguing all evidence
  • Participate in a range of effective activities which will reflect the changes in a student friendly way.
  • Gain access to a range of different approaches to the practical Portfolio work. Scrap Booking, Log Books, Websites


4.00 – 4.05  pm Welcome and Introduction

4.05 – 4.14pm:  Outline of the Ofqual changes  

  • What are the suggested changes to Performance aspects of the course? – reducing the size of the performance grouping; looking at getting the most out of students who may end up performing on their own a lot more than before; what skills are likely to still be required even when performing on your own?
  • What are the suggested changes to the Choreographic areas of the course – dealing with the inclusion of a wide range of choreographic skills with few performers in the work. Outlining choreographic processes to facilitate and enable students to still produce complex choreography with significantly less dancers
  • How will these help in our day to day teaching/How might we use these changes to alter the way we work with students in and out of regular class time.
  • With students creating and performing in small groupings or on own, what strategies we can adopt to make sure the creative process is still robust and complex. Working to identify the key features of any/all Performance and Choreographic criteria to ensure students still fulfil the grading criteria as set.

4.15 – 4.25pm: Looking closely at the requirements of the Portfolio requirement.                          

  • Why has this requirement been added? – Outlining the benefits of adding this Portfolio backstop
  • What are the suggested inclusions within the Portfolio? Looking closely at the following requirements {audio-visual recordings of complete performance / physical demonstration of key motifs with explanation of how they inform final piece / original and non-original photographs, images, drawings or sketches with annotations to illustrate intentions / written accounts / video diary}.
  • Discussion, examples of each suggested area included in the portfolio
  • Rationale and observation of examples of ‘how a Portfolio can be designed and delivered to exam board’. Scrap Book, Workbooks, Website

4.25 – 4.40pm: Looking closely at all options – Scrap book/Choreographic Logs/workbook/Website design                                                  

  • Outlining how to implement content using different versions of the Portfolio. Delivery of a range of examples to tackle each ‘method of Portfolio’ to allow teachers to take away ideas that are suitable for their own cohorts
  • Pros and Cons of each Portfolio method
  • Study of resource examples (which will be made available to delegates after webinar concludes)

4.40 – 5.00pm: The benefits of working more digitally with student websites                                                                   

  • Closer look at examples of digital portfolios. Show general skills on how to develop easy website design to allow students to create an online portfolio, and deliver skills on how to maximise the simple website platform to provide a comprehensive version of a portfolio.
  • Looking at free website platforms that can be utilised in school/college.
  • Round up and Q&A

Jason Bradley

Jason trained as a professional dancer at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance before becoming the senior dancer/teacher at Ludus Dance company. In the last 19 years he has been teaching GCSE and A Level Dance with a great deal of success. In that time he has built up a bank of resources which have been honed over time to provide excellent provision for students and teachers. Whilst Ofsted no longer grade observations in the period where they did, Jason continually received outstanding grade 1’s on each visit he took part in. He is passionate about teaching and passionate about sharing skills and good practice.

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