CODE: 8301


During the first year of the A level course students have to adjust to the step up from GCSE to A level.  They need to develop their higher level thinking skills whilst coping with a lot of new terminology and detail.  This webinar focuses on strategies to maximise student attainment by incorporating a range of skill development activities whilst delivering modules 2-4.

The webinar is £110, or £200 when purchased together with OCR Biology Specification A – Raising student attainment in Modules 5-6


  • Explore the range of skills required by students
  • Identify how to balance the demands of content delivery with skill development
  • Discover activities to use with students to develop their A level skill set


  • All teachers taking A-level Biology


4.00 – 4.05  pm Welcome and Introduction

4.05pm:  Moving students on from GCSE to A level

  • Recognising the emphasis on higher level skills at A level
  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Strategies to build student confidence in evaluative and analytical skills

4.25pm: Balancing content delivery with skill development      

  • How to make the most of contact time – some suggested skill development activities
  • The Flipped Classroom
  • How to make the most of student private study time

4.50pm: Developing practical and mathematical skills                                                                    

  • Recognising the importance of these skills at A level
  • Suggestions to build mathematical skills into every lesson
  • Activities that develop practical skills for indirect assessment

5.15pm: Plenary                                                                                

  • Review of the key points
  • Any questions?

Fiona Jones

Fiona Jones has taught A level Biology for 38 years, for much of this time in a management role.  She has successfully led teams through curriculum change and has a breadth of experience encompassing many aspects of post-16 education.  Fiona is an experienced trainer and has delivered a range of courses for both students and teachers. As an A level examiner she understands how important it is that students acquire and develop the skills necessary for success.