Wednesday 30 June 2021 – 4.30pm

Code: 8290


This webinar is perfect for those starting out on the a-level PE course, and is designed to teach you some basic knowledge to allow you maximum success moving forward. It will cover basic principles learnt in OCR GCSE PE, therefore is great for anyone who did not study GCSE PE but would like to make sure they start a-level on a level playing field with their peers, or for those who did study GCSE but would like some refresher revision!


  • Help you feel prepared for a-level PE, even if you didn’t do a-level
  • Give you a basic understanding on a range of topic areas that you will build on in component 2 (Psychology) and 3 (Socio-cultural studies) at a-level
  • Help cover missed content due to COVID
  • Gain an understanding of the types and structures of question types on an a-level paper


  • Students who have not studied GCSE PE before, but would like to study a-level PE
  • Students who would like revision on GCSE PE to ensure they are fully ready to take on a-level, particularly given lost time in school due to COVID!


4:30 – 4:45pm: Media in Sport

  • Understand what the ‘Golden Triangle’ model is
  • Be able to give examples of different types of media in sport, and there coverage types
  • Evaluate the positive and negative effects that media can have on Sport, and apply to exam based questions

4:45 – 5:00pm: PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs)

  • Examples of different types of Performance Enhancing Drugs in sport, and their beneficial functions
  • Understand the reasons why athletes take performance enhancing drugs
  • Be able to apply this knowledge to famous case studies, and understand how this would be applied to an essay question in the exam

5:00 – 5:15pm: Violence in Sport                                                                             

  • Understand the different causes of violence in sport, to both players and spectators
  • Be able to describe a range of famous case studies if violence in sport, and apply the different causes
  • Explain possible solutions to violence in sport

5:15 – 5:30pm: SMART Target Setting                                                    

  • Describe the principles of SMART target setting
  • Analyse the importance of SMART target setting
  • Be able to write your own SMART target in relation to sport, explain how it will be measured, and understand how this can be applied to your EAPI coursework

Toni Knight

Toni has been teaching at a highly successful 6th Form College for 7 years, covering A-level PE, BTEC Sport, A-level Dance and BTEC Dance. For 4years, she has held the position of Head of PE, Sport and Dance, and led the department to gaining ‘National Teaching Team of the Year’ in Oct. 2019 at the Pearson National Teaching Awards hosted on the BBC. On taking on the leadership of the PE, Sport and Dance provision, it has not only grown in size with the cohort being one of the largest in the country for A-level, but most notably the course attainment has continued to achieve in the top 15% in the country. Toni has experience of examining in both PE and Dance, and has worked with several exam boards over the years

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