Wednesday 23 September 2020 – 4pm (75 mins)

Code: 7591


Often the summer term can feel like a winding down period for student’s studies, this year this will be exacerbated by having to get back into study habits lost during the shutdown. To support your student’s preparation for year 13 this webinar will focus on topics from year 12 that often prove to be an obstacle in final exams.

Taking a challenging topic PE expert David Pryce will provide the core learning required with added insight into how Contemporary Issues assessed and what is expected of students.  A core theme of the webinar will focus on developing students’ ability to write quality answers and score high marks how socio-cultural factors influence people’s involvement in physical activity and sport.

Students will be guided into higher level thinking skills needed to meet assessment objectives successfully in the vital areas of ethics in sport, media and commercialism, technology and routes to sporting excellence,

The webinar is 75 mins long and is accompanied by notes which will be sent in advance of the webinar and questions to allow students to test their understanding.  You can also book this/tailored/lengthened version  as a face-to-face in-school session for the autumn if you prefer.


  • All students taking OCR A-level PE


This interactive webinar will provide you with:

  • Accelerate your students learning and  understanding of challenging Contemporary Issues areas
  • Give your students the opportunity to hear from a PE expert and examiner how to translate their learnt knowledge into writing high scoring answers.
  •  Added insight into how this topic is assessed and what is expected of students in be  A02, AO3 questions
  • Develop your students’ ability to explain, analyse, evaluate and discuss.
  • Access potential linked topics for the synoptic questions


4.00pm – The Core Learning Required + How ‘Contemporary Issues’ is Assessed

  • What examiners are looking for, and where marks are gained or lost

4.05pm – Ethics and deviance in sport

  • Understand these key concepts, as required by Examiners
  • Be guided through an ‘Explain’ question, using contemporary examples
  • Analyse sample answers, with commentaries showing how to improve.

4.30pm –  Routes to sporting excellence in the UK

  • Gain up to date knowledge which meets the assessment criteria
  • Learn how to construct a top answer to an ‘Analyse’ question
  • Impress examiners with your grasp of sporting routes to excellence

4.40pm – Impact of commercialisation and media on physical activity and sport

  • How to score top marks with your understanding of the ‘Golden Triangle.
  • Understand how to answer a high mark ‘Discuss’ question
  • How to progress from a good answer to an outstanding answer

5.00pm  – Role of technology in physical activity and sport

  • Move beyond tired clichés of technology in sport
  • Impress examiners with your ability to answer an ‘Evaluate’ question
  • Be able to discuss the positives and potential negatives of technology, using cutting edge examples

5.15pm   Finish




David Pryce

David is an experienced examiner and moderator and has delivered a wide range of training at conferences and CPD events. With over twenty years’ experience of teaching and examining GCE and GCSE PE, he combines a range of teaching and learning strategies with real insight into the key skills needed for examination success.

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