This new course is intended for teachers of OCR A-level Physics who want to develop strategies to help both the low and high achievers in their classes to improve the examination performance.

The course will provide guidance on how you can diagnose the causes of learners’ poor attainment in exams and helping them to address these issues through developing practical and mathematical skills and improving exam technique.

The course focuses on OCR A-level Physics Specification A but will be useful for teachers teaching similar specifications.


  • Develop strategies for helping students improve their exam technique
  • Familiarise yourself with resources for improving student learning and understanding
  • Find and develop effective ways of diagnosing student weaknesses
  • Create planning materials for developing the skills of learners
  • Share ideas with other practising Physics teachers
DATE & LOCATION Online | Tuesday 08 December 2020
  • All OCR A-level Physics teachers
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Course
  • A specially prepared folder of detailed notes, practical advice and guidance
  • Notes prepared by the educational experts leading the course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance


Start 1.30pm

Learning from previous exam series                                                      

  • Review and evaluate examples of student answers and mark schemes from 2019, from paper 1 and 2 A-level OCR specification
  • Identifying key areas of weakness which impact the achievement of exam candidates, especially the lower attainers
  • Identifying subtle changes and methods that can increase the grades of high achievers
  • Review of sources of data on student performance


Developing learners’ skills to overcome weak areas                                                    

  • Using mark scheme analysis to help students improve exam strategies
  • Developing the mathematical skills which underpin exam performance throughout the course
  • Tackling multiple choice questions well – and using MCQs to differentiate learning
  • Command words, types of exam questions – how to introduce the language of examinations into your teaching and assessments from day 1
  • Stretch and challenge – ideas for top students to go further


Teaching strategies to deliver success                                                                                                  

  • Apply techniques from the morning session to exam questions
  • Exploring the more challenging content in the two papers and thinking about ways to build the right kind of student responses:
    • Fields – Electric and Electromagnetic
    • Circuits – Resistors and Capacitors
    • Motion – Circular and Harmonic


Developing and sharing ideas and resources for excellent results                                                              

  • Review teaching methods and ideas for helping students to prepare for the 2021examinations
  • Obtain and evaluate useful take-away resources – ISAAC Physics, videos and IoP resources
  • Discussion of ideas gained from the session

Summary and Final Q and A

Finish 5pm                                                                                                                         

Tony Dunn has taught for over 30 years in secondary schools and sixth form colleges, mainly in inner city areas, specialising in A-level Physics. He is an examiner for A-level Physics with a major exam board.