CODE: 8302


During the second year of the A level course students are faced with some very challenging topics.  At the same time they need to develop their evaluative, analytical and mathematical skills.  This webinar focuses on strategies to maximise student attainment by incorporating a range of skill development activities whilst delivering modules 5 and 6.

The webinar is £110, or £200 when purchased together with OCR Biology Specification A – Raising student attainment in Modules 2-4.


  • Explore the nature of exam questions and the range of skills required by students
  • Discover opportunities to teach mathematical and practical skills within modules 5 and 6 and activities to develop higher level thinking skills
  • Identify potential barriers to attainment – from both a teacher’s and examiner’s perspective
  • Learn how to improve student outcomes


4.00 – 4.05  pm Welcome and Introduction

4.05pm:  Exam questions and the skills required for success

  • Analysis of a typical question based on a second year topic
  • Using exam questions in teaching
  • Understanding exam questions and mark schemes – what students should be aware of

4.25pm: Delivering modules 5 and 6 – strategies to maximise skill development            

  • Developing practical and mathematical skills
  • Opportunities to develop synoptic thinking
  • Activities to develop skills of analysis, evaluation and problem solving

4.50pm: Identifying potential barriers to attainment                                                                       

  • Identifying some common misconceptions in modules 5 and 6
  • Training students to improve their exam technique
  • Key tips for maximising marks in exams

5.15pm: Plenary                                                                                

  • Review of the key points
  • Any questions?

Fiona Jones

Fiona Jones has taught A level Biology for 38 years, for much of this time in a management role.  She has successfully led teams through curriculum change and has a breadth of experience encompassing many aspects of post-16 education.  Fiona is an experienced trainer and has delivered a range of courses for both students and teachers. As an A level examiner she understands how important it is that students acquire and develop the skills necessary for success.