Thursday 24 June 2021 – 4pm 

Code: 7953


Provide your students with a flying start to Year 11 to boost their understanding and exam preparation, with this focused one-hour webinar on the Pearson/Edexcel GCSE PE examinations.

This webinar will support your students to:

  • Understand how to approach the examination
  • Gain confidence to tackle successfully the more difficult topics
  • Recognise the standards expected by the examiners
  • Progress from good to excellent answers, using real examples
  • Receive practical tips on how to answer the extended questions
  • Includes a set of notes sent in advance for teachers to use with students


  • All students of Pearson/Edexcel GCSE PE


4.00pm  – Welcome, introductions and sound check

4.05pm –  Top Tips for high marks

  • Understand where marks are gained and lost
  • Meeting successfully the demands of AO1, AO2 and AO3 questions

4.15pm  – Component 1:  Fitness and Body Systems

  • Writing successful answers to key aspects of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Applying planes and axes to sport in the exam
  • How to gain top marks on physical training questions

4.30pm – Activity 1:  How to write a top 9 mark extended answer

  • Work through top student responses to an extended question
  • Match what the examiner is expecting to see

4.40pm  – Component 2:  Health and Performance


David Pryce

David is an experienced examiner and moderator and has delivered a wide range of training at conferences and CPD events. With over twenty years’ experience of teaching and examining GCE and GCSE PE, he combines a range of teaching and learning strategies with real insight into the key skills needed for examination success.

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