Date: Wednesday 30 September 2020

Code: 8212


This webinar is for new year 12 students who are starting their two years of study for A Level.  It will provide a way for them to check their key knowledge, understanding and skills from GCSE Physics that they will need to bring forward from their GCSE to the A Level.    The webinar will also focus on the increase in challenge from GCSE to A Level Physics and give students a pathway through the two years of A Level to ensure that they can increase their performance.  This webinar is suitable for students studying all exam boards of A Level Physics.


  • Students will leave with a method to check for key gaps in their own understanding and address them, especially important given the end to the 2020 GCSE year.
  • Essential GCSE to A Level Laws and First Principles Audit word document.
  • Essential GCSE to A Level Skills Audit word document.
  • Students will gain an understanding of challenging nature of A Level Assessment and how to apply a methodical approach to answering them.
  • Free PDF copy of the two year plan from Prepare for the Challenge of GCSE Physics including independent study tasks to guide students through the two years of A Level Physics.


4.30pm:  Welcome and Introduction

  • Introduction to the wonder of studying A Level Physics
  • A look at the life cycle of stars using the Hertzprung-Russell diagram.
  • Online resources to support your studies

4:35 pm:  GCSE Content Audits

  • How to use the two audits and what to do with the outcomes of them.
  • Examples of the application of GCSE Laws and First Principles; Newton’s second law in algebra and Kirchoff’s laws to solve circuit problems.
  • Examples of application of key GCSE skills in the A Level; equations of straight line graphs (y=mx+c), equivalence of SI units, simple derivations.

4:50pm: The Anatomy of an A Level Question                   

  • The weighting of the assessment objectives and command words.
  • Spotting the content within the context.
  • Solving problems posed by questions.

5:00pm: Synoptic Questions and How to Answer Them                                                                                  

  • What is meant by synoptic questions.
  • How to prepare for synoptic questions.
  • How to make the equations booklet into your memory map of physics.

5:15pm: Two Year Plan to get the Highest Grades                                                                             

  • An overview of the journey and key times.
  • The two year plan document and how to use the independent study tasks.
  • How to study effectively to ensure success when you arrive at the exams.


Kit Betts-Masters

Kit is a Head of Science, a GCSE Examiner and creator of the popular GCSE and A Level Physics revision channel GorillaPhysics.  He makes tutorials, exam solution and revision tips videos.  He is also author of the books Memorise Equations for GCSE Physics and Prepare for the Challenge of GCSE Physics.  Follow him on Twitter as @GorillaPhysics

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