Thursday 08 October 2020 – 4.30pm

CODE: 8116


This up to the minute new webinar addresses the challenges faced today by teachers of A level Sociology in the current pandemic. Delegates will consider how best to adapt their curriculum delivery, assessment and feedback to maximise student progress. Delegates will take away strategies to inspire and motivate their students in remote independent learning.


  • Address the challenges faced by Sociology teachers in the current pandemic: Strategies to enhance student engagement and progress in remote learning.
  • Quality over quantity: Reducing student workload whilst sustaining progress.
  • Modifying student resources and course materials to facilitate access and progress of all students.
  • Take away time-saving methods to effectively monitor and assess student progress remotely.
  • Strategies to inspire and motivate students in their learning at home.


  • Teachers of A level Sociology
  • Heads of Sociology
  • Heads of Social Sciences


4.30 – 4.35pm Welcome and Introduction

4.35-4.45pm: Identifying the challenges  

  •  Reflect upon the specific challenges faced by teachers of Sociology
  • Q&A addressing barriers to student progress in remote learning

 4.45-5.10pm: Adapting curriculum delivery, resources and course materials    

  • Updating delivery: Which topics and skills should be prioritised? What format should work take?
  • Quality over quantity: Reducing student workload and changing the way students learn to maximise engagement
  • Modifying student resources: The benefits of using concise, current work booklets, exam skills booklets and revision aids that are ‘pitched to the middle’
  • Prioritising and using independent study effectively: Utilising opportunities for student research and development of AO2 skills

5.10-5.35pm: Assessment and feedback                              

  • Time-saving methods to effectively monitor student progress remotely
  • Effective use of modelling, scaffolding and self-assessment of exam questions
  • Sustaining active feedback: ‘close the gap’ tasks, comparing work to model answers and target setting
  • Maintaining assessment for exam success: Essay planning and deconstruction of exam questions
  • Formal assessment and answering exam questions under timed conditions remotely

5.35-5.45pm: Student engagement                                                                          

  • Effective use of media to inspire and motivate: YouTube clips, podcasts, social media and news articles.
  • Maintaining enrichment opportunities from home
  • How best to maintain professional teacher-student relationships

5.45-6.00pm: Questions and finish

Catherine Eariss

Catherine is a successful teacher and leader of Sociology and Psychology, consistently achieving high value added scores. For over 9 years, she has led departments across England, transforming student experience and outcomes. She is passionate about developing teaching and learning in Psychology and Sociology, attending teacher conferences and establishing networks. Catherine works as an examiner with AQA for A Level Sociology. She currently leads a large Psychology and Sociology Department at a sixth form college in the North East of England.