Using SEL to improve outcomes.

Mental Health/Progress/Social-Emotional Learning

With Mental Health and the effects of ‘covid’ dominating the Educational Media, this conference brings together the latest educational research from leading Academics in the field with leading practitioners to create a unique learning event making it this years’ most essential conference for any Educational Institution that cares about its staff and students Social Emotional Learning.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and student wellbeing has never been more relevant.

Children and Families Minister Vicky Ford said: “There has never been a more important time to speak about mental health and wellbeing – especially for thousands of children, young people and teachers who are adapting to education and different ways of living and learning in these unprecedented times.”

The figures speak for themselves, a recent study found a 13% increase in academic achievement when Social-Emotional Learning is tracked and actioned well. 79% of employers say SEL skills are the most important qualities for job success.

With the massive interest in the Mental Health of staff and students the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning have updated their definition of Social-Emotional Learning (2020):

“Social and emotional learning (SEL) is an integral part of education and human development. SEL is the process through which all young people and adults acquire and apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions and achieve personal and collective goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain supportive relationships, and make responsible and caring decisions.”

With all this in mind the ‘Redefining The Place of Social-Emotional Learning in Education: using Social-Emotional Learning to improve student’s academic and holistic outcomes’ will provide an practical and effective ways to bring in and embed SEL in your school. Even schools that have implemented SEL in their schools will benefit from the new approaches that are explored within the conference.

The conference starts with an overview of the latest Academic Research on the links between SEL and progress from Dr. Ariel Lindorff author of the Oxford Impact Study: “The impact of promoting student wellbeing on student academic and non-academic outcomes – An analysis of the evidence”.

Nathalie Richards, CEO and Co-founder at EduKit looks at ‘What does successful SEL tracking, measuring and quantifying look like?’ often seen as one of the most difficult areas when bringing SEL into schools.

Our final Keynote comes from Lucy Bailey, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder Bounce Forward who discusses the latest ‘post covid’ practical approaches to the essential SEL skill of ‘resilience’.

Then workshops delve into the actual practicalities of SEL in schools looking at student and teacher mental health.

With workshops from these leading practitioners it is advisable to book early in order for you to secure a place on the workshop of your choice.


  • Be Informed about the very latest research in Social-Emotional Learning in Education and its fundamental links to pupil progress.
  • Be Inspired to incorporate Social-Emotional Learning in your school, including its tracking and the use of the tracked data for maximum effect.
  • Be Reflective about you and your schools relationship and understanding of Social-Emotional Learning.
  • Be Ready with practical ‘hands- on’ ‘ready to go’ solutions to tracking and improving Social-Emotional Learning within your Educational Setting.
  • Be Better at understanding why and how to improve Social-Emotional Learning.


Dr Ariel Lindorff Department of Education, University of Oxford

Nathalie Richards CEO and Co-founder at EduKit

Lucy Bailey Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder Bounce Forward

Tony Davis Director, Centre for Creative Quality Improvement

Dr. Helen Kelly CEO: The Positive Principal

Helen Clare CEO: Class Yoga

Chair: Christopher Terry Academic Director, Keynote Educational

DATE Online | Thursday 17 June 2021
  • Headteachers
  • Deputy Heads of Pastoral
  • Deputy Head of Teaching and Learning l Educational Research Professionals
  • Higher Education Leaders
  • Further Education Leaders
  • Head of Years l Safeguarding leads
  • Pupils’ premium and welfare leads
  • Heads of PRUs l Teachers/Form tutors
  • A specially prepared folder of 50+ pages full of detailed notes, practical advice and guidance
  • Notes prepared by the educational experts leading the course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance


9.45am – 10.00am
Introduction & Welcome from the Chair

  • In 2020 CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) updated their definition of Social-Emotional Learning why is a new approach needed?
  • Why now? The changing place of SEL in a post covid landscape?

Christopher Terry Academic Director, Keynote Educational

10.00am – 10.40am
Keynote 1: Latest research: “The extent the promotion of SEL in schools leads to improved educational outcomes”.

  • What effects, do whole-school approaches to promoting SEL have on students’ academic attainment and additional student outcomes?
  • What specific SEL strategies are linked with which positive student outcomes?

Dr. Ariel Lindorff Department of Education, University of Oxford

10.40am – 11.20am
Keynote 2: What does successful SEL tracking, measuring and quantifying look like?

  • Key challenges facing students
  • Measuring the impact of SEL on learning
  • How to measure progress; what does success in wellbeing look like?

Nathalie Richards CEO and Co-founder at EduKit

11.40am – 12.20pm
Keynote 3: Rethinking resilience post pandemic: Why optimism, self-awareness and compassion are essential.

  • Why teaching resilience leads to self-awareness and compassion
  • Learning optimism underpinned by realistic and flexible thinking
  • Build resilience in an evidenced, lasting and sustainable way
  • A case study illustrating how effective SEL can lead to improved outcomes for children Healthy Minds project: The impact and evidence

Lucy Bailey Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder Bounce Forward

12.20pm – 1.00pm: Break

1.00pm – 1.50pm
Workshop Strand One

1A Developing a tangible action plan for your school to monitor, measure and evaluate student mental health needs
  • Checking The Pulse Of The Invisible Student’: Creating A Whole-School System Where Every Child’s Mental Health Is Tracked.
  • Opening a dialog with students
  • Empowering students to support themselves and their peers.

Nathalie Richards
CEO and Co-founder at EduKit

1B Ofsted and how SEL is assessed in schools
  • Latest briefing from Ofsted on inspections and SEL.
  • To be outstanding schools must enable students to be able to ‘make informed choices about healthy eating, fitness and their emotional and mental wellbeing’.

Senior HMI representative

1C The Emotional Learning Journey
  • Are we missing the point with our Schemes of Work and Lesson Design?
  • What is the Unified Theory of Learning?
  • And how can teachers use it to choreograph the Emotional Learning Journey?

Tony Davis
Director – Centre for Creative Quality Improvement

1.50pm – 2.00pm: Break

2.00pm – 2.50pm
Workshop Strand Two

2A Raising pupil well-being and therefore academic performance using Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness enables students to self-regulate behaviour, reduce anxiety, boost self-esteem and confidence, improve cognitive skills, develop executive functioning and increase focus and concentration.
  • Learn practical hints and tips of how to effectively, confidently and safely begin to bring beneficial, age-appropriate, mindfulness techniques into the classroom – for raising pupil happiness, and academic achievement.

Helen Clare
CEO: Class Yoga

2B What are the Most Effective Steps Schools Can Take to Support Teachers’ and Leaders’ Mental Health and Wellbeing?
  • Maximising Teacher Wellbeing for Improved Student Outcomes
  • How teachers’ wellbeing impacts on the students in their care
  • A brief overview of the PERMA model of wellbeing
  • How teachers can use the PERMA model to enhance their own wellbeing

Dr. Helen Kelly
CEO: The Positive Principal

2C Behaviour and SEL
  • Reducing negative behaviour in school using SEL.
  • Creating a positive culture that supports mental health and creates an environment for learning.

2.50pm – 3.00pm: Break

3.00pm – 3.30pm
Optional networking opportunity, participants will be split into two break out groups

Group facilitators from Keynote will facilitate discussion based on the prompt:

  • How is SEL tracked and actioned in your Educational Establishment?

Dr Ariel Lindorff Department of Education, University of Oxford

Author of the Impact Study –The Impact of Promoting Student Wellbeing on Student Academic and Non-Academics Outcomes: An Analysis of the Evidence. Ariel is a Departmental Lecturer in Research Methods. She leads the MSc Education (Research Design and Methodology) course, supervises MSc and DPhil students, and acts as an assessor across a wide range of programmes in the Department. Ariel convenes the Foundations of Educational Research modules taken as a research methods core by Probationer Research (first-year DPhil) Students and MSc Education students. Outside the department, she is also Course Tutor for a mixed methods short course in the Department for Continuing Education. Methodologically, her interest are in mixed methods, advanced quantitative methods, and appropriately contextualised approaches to evaluation. Her substantive research interests relate to educational effectiveness and improvement, equity issues in education, and classroom practice.

Nathalie Richards CEO and Co-founder at EduKit

EduKit helps raise pupil attainment through an innovative online site of hundreds of personal development and supplementary education programmes run by over 800 registered providers. EduKit can also measures pupil progress and report on Pupil premium spend and outcomes. EduKit received a 2014 Department of Education Award for Innovation and a finalist of the BETT 2015 Technology awards.

Lucy Bailey Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder Bounce Forward

Lucy Bailey is proud of her beginnings as a youth worker, which gave her a passion for supporting young people and directed her career working in developing, reforming, and managing children’s services. Over the last twelve years, Lucy has focused on education and has been instrumental in embedding resilience lessons in schools and services across the UK. Her passion is to drive a movement to influence UK education policy to see life skills and personal development given as much priority in schools as academic subjects. Lucy has driven research in this space and directed Healthy Minds, the largest research project of its kind in the UK. Lucy left school with one O’Level, but did not let that stop her, she has two grown-up children, an MSc in Practice-Based Research, a BSc in Social Policy and Criminology, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education.

Tony Davis Director, Centre for Creative Quality Improvement

Carrying out significant research into the designing of ideal further education through the writing of bespoke Quality Standards and lesson-improvement strategies. Former HMI and manager of both the ALI and Ofsted Good Practice Databases, specialising in helping teachers understand how to provide outstanding learning experiences and helping managers develop their quality system and self-assessment to enable that to happen.

Dr. Helen Kelly CEO: The Positive Principal

Dr. Helen Kelly is a researcher, writer and speaker in the field of school wellbeing. She was an international school principal for 15 years until 2020 when she retired from her role in schools. Prior to becoming a teacher Helen spent a decade as a member of the English legal profession, representing employees in the area of health and safety at work. Helen has a worldwide audience for her blogposts, articles, speaking engagements and workshops. Through her work as The Positive Principal, she aims to provide practical support to teachers, school leaders and those responsible for running and supporting schools, to enhance wellbeing and maximise the potential of the whole school community.

Helen Clare CEO: Class Yoga

Helen Clare created Class Yoga with the vision to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of children globally, no matter their background, by enabling teachers, parents and carers to offer excellent quality yoga and mindfulness for them, at school and at home. She wanted every child to have the opportunity to experience yoga and mindfulness – to be the happiest and healthiest they can, and for you to be confident in providing it.

Chair: Christopher Terry Academic Director, Keynote Educational

Christopher Terry is the Academic Director at Keynote Educational, an ex-head teacher and experienced teacher of History. He has worked with all the English Exam boards as an examiner and consultant: AQA, Pearson, OCR, CIE and the International Baccalaureate. He delivers ITT teacher training in the Northwest of England and Internationally. He also has been a specialist advisor to OFQUAL for History and has been recognised by the Historical Association as an outstanding practitioner (CTHis). He has made valuable contributions to both educational conferences and has written many educational articles.