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This series of webinars is aimed to offer guidance and advice to students who are about to take papers in AQA A-Level French. There are three webinars in all, one aimed at each of the three papers, and in them the focus will be on how best to cope with the demands of each paper, looking at the key features and question types. The webinars will concentrate on both subject content, taken from the topic areas, and on the use of language and will aim to highlight how students can target the higher mark bands.


  • Gain knowledge of strategies for approaching different question types
  • Develop the skills of listening and reading comprehension
  • Find out how to cope with higher order skills such as inference
  • Understand the requirements of the translation exercises
  • Sharpen essay-writing skills in order to produce relevant and perceptive responses
  • Consider how to talk about the writer or director’s technique


Introduction, welcome and sound check

4.05pm – Listening exercises

  • Non-verbal response questions
  • Answering questions in French – coping with inference
  • Activity – looking at question types

4.15pm – The summary question in Listening and Reading

  • Approaching the summary question
  • What to aim for
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • How to score high language marks
  • Activity – studying student responses

4.30pm – Types of reading exercises and how to approach them

  • Non-verbal response questions
  • Approaching the literary text – paying attention to detail
  • Identifying synonyms
  • Activity – looking at question types

4.40pm – Translation into French

  • Identifying the challenging sections
  • Thinking about verb tenses
  • Using pronouns
  • Appropriate vocabulary
  • Activity – studying a student’s response

4.50pm – Translation from French

  • Paying attention to detail
  • Considering every word
  • Conveying the correct message
  • Producing a coherent written piece
  • Activity – studying student responses


Denise Currie

Denise is an experienced teacher of Modern Foreign Languages, specialising in French and Spanish. A former Head of Department and Senior Teacher in a large independent school in the south-west, she is now working as a freelance consultant, author and trainer and has produced several publications in Spanish. Denise has extensive experience as a senior examiner and has worked for all four of the main examination boards; she currently holds positions as Principal Examiner in both French and Spanish at A Level, i A Level and GCSE. Denise has worked in both state and independent schools, is keen to promote the use of technology in language teaching and is an experienced speaker.