Code: 7782


This webinar will focus on the demands of Speaking test (Paper 3). We will consider how to approach the discussion of a sub-theme using a stimulus card and also we will look at the IRP, considering the importance of the skills of evaluation and how to incorporate these into the discussion on the topic chosen.


  • Gain knowledge of strategies for approaching different question types
  • Develop the skills of listening and reading comprehension
  • Find out how to cope with higher order skills such as inference
  • Understand the requirements of the translation exercises
  • Sharpen essay-writing skills in order to produce relevant and perceptive responses
  • Consider how to talk about the writer or director’s technique
  • Increase understanding of the demands of the IRP
  • Learn how to perform well in the Speaking Test


Introduction, welcome and sound check

Discussion on a sub-theme (Part 1)

  • Choosing the card
  • Using the preparation time effectively
  • Asking two questions
  • Producing a conjugated verb – what does it mean?
  • Developing your ideas
  • Giving an analytical response
  • Using complex structures and vocabulary to target the higher mark bands in AO3
  • Activity – evaluating to a student’s performance

Pair activity based on a Stimulus card

Researching the IRP

  • Choosing a subject
  • Selecting the title
  • Researching the material – using a range of resources
  • How much can my teacher help me?
  • Setting deadlines
  • Thinking about the sort of language needed

The presentation and discussion

  • What to include in the presentation
  • Aiming for the high mark bands in AO1, AO3 and AO4
  • Making the discussion successful
  • Activity – evaluating to a student’s performance


Denise Currie

Denise is an experienced teacher of Modern Foreign Languages, specialising in French and Spanish. A former Head of Department and Senior Teacher in a large independent school in the south-west, she is now working as a freelance consultant, author and trainer and has produced several publications in Spanish. Denise has extensive experience as a senior examiner and has worked for all four of the main examination boards; she currently holds positions as Principal Examiner in both French and Spanish at A Level, i A Level and GCSE. Denise has worked in both state and independent schools, is keen to promote the use of technology in language teaching and is an experienced speaker.