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This webinar is perfect revision for Year 13 examinations or end of year exams. During the hour our expert examiner will explore the more difficult theory to boost student responses. For each topic we will work through exam questions, explaining the mark scheme points. Prior to the webinar you will be provided with extensive notes and all the exam questions that will be worked through.


  • Gain an excellent understanding of how to answer the challenging topics on Paper 1
  • A Focus on common mistakes that students make in the examinations and how to avoid them
  • Students will be taken through a range of data handling and synoptic questions with explanations of how to achieve full marks
  • Review examples of how to tackle questions on the required practicals
  • Opportunities for students to ask questions and receive feedback


  • All students studying AQA A level Physics



There will be opportunities to ask questions during the Webinar.

Examining Particles

  • Photons
  • Photoelectric effect
  • Classification of particles and particle reactions
  • Pair production and annihilation
  • Wave particle duality
    • Pm Key features and question types on Waves
  • Polarisation
  • Stationary waves
  • Diffraction
  • Refraction

Boosting understanding of Core Content sections 4 and 5

  • Mechanics and Materials
  • Force energy momentum
  • Electricity
  • Periodic Motion (Circular and SHM)

Sarah Battams

Sarah is current Senior Examiner for A level and GCSE Physics with a leading examination board. She writes and edits for the online resource GCSE Pod and is an author of high-quality Physics resources on TES. She is an outstanding practitioner with consistently excellent examination results and value added at GCSE and A level. Her uptake at A-level is excellent. She believes that Physics lessons should be motivational and enable students to understand how to tackle examinations. This year she received outstanding feedback from the A-level Practical monitoring visit.