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In this 1-hour webinar you will explore the common pitfalls that often trip up students and consider some misconceptions often observed in students’ A-level answers on the topics of Thermal physics, Fields and Nuclear physics in the AQA A-level Physics Paper 2.

You will compare typical exam question responses from students with excellent answers, demonstrating how to boost your own performance in the exam. In this section we will also share useful tips and strategies for laying out and answering the most complex questions to access the highest grades.


  • Obtain ideas and methods that ensure high quality performance on the Paper 2 topics
  • Develop revision techniques for topics including Nuclear Physics, which gain access to the top mark bands
  • Learn how to maximise your grade by comparing and contrasting high quality answers that you can use in your revision
  • Understand the language of exam questions and what examiners are looking for in outstanding answers


  • All students studying AQA A level Physics


Welcome and Introduction

The key Features of Core Content Sections 6.2 and 7

  • Thermal Physics
  • Fields
  • Gravitational fields
  • Orbits
  • Electric fields
  • Capacitors
  • Magnetic fields
  • Electromagnetism

Demonstrating high level understanding of Core Content Section 8

  • Nuclear Physics

Sarah Battams

Sarah is current Senior Examiner for A level and GCSE Physics with a leading examination board. She writes and edits for the online resource GCSE Pod and is an author of high-quality Physics resources on TES. She is an outstanding practitioner with consistently excellent examination results and value added at GCSE and A level. Her uptake at A-level is excellent. She believes that Physics lessons should be motivational and enable students to understand how to tackle examinations. This year she received outstanding feedback from the A-level Practical monitoring visit.