CODE: 7921
DATE: Tuesday 28 April 2020 4:30pm


This webinar aims to provide final revision for students ahead of the written exam. It will focus on the set texts for Section A with specific support given for Antigone. The session will aim to provide strategies that ensure students use their time effectively to share imaginative ideas that are underpinned by relevant contextual knowledge.


  • Access last minute exam technique tips to support you to achieve the very best result
  • Obtain top level strategies for producing excellent answers to the set text questions
  • Increase students’ command of key terminology used when writing as a Director, Performer and/or Designer
  • Develop understanding of key Classical Greek terminology and how to use it within written responses
  • Focus on what makes top mark band responses and pitfalls to avoid
  • A set of revision resources that will be sent in advance of the course that you will be able to use immediately to support your independent studies


16.30 pm  – Welcome, introduction and sound check

16.35 pm – The conventions of Greek theatre

  • Boost confidence ahead of the exam on questions on the conventions of Greek Theatre
  • Exam techniques, exam tactics
  • What the examiner is expecting to see to attain the top grades
  • The Amphitheatre
    • Layout
    • Key terms
    • Performance implications
  • The Dionysia
    • The festival
    • It’s impact on the evolution of Greek theatre
  • Greek theatre terminology
    • Glossary of 20+ terms that can be used within essays

17.00 pm – Activity

  • Identifying moments of the text to apply key terms
    • An exploration of moments of catharsis, hubris, hamartia, peripeteia and anagnorisis
    • How this contextual knowledge can underpin performance ideas
    • Analysing questions, question types

17.05 pm – Structuring responses

  • Working through sample paragraphs to assist students in including all key details
    • Use of time within the exam
    • Supporting practical ideas with theoretical understanding
    • Meeting the assessment criteria

17.20pm – Activity 

  • Analysing student responses

Georgina Ring

Georgina is Head of Drama and Theatre Studies at LVS Ascot. She has been teaching AQA GCSE and A-Level for the past six years and her subject results for both courses last year were in the top 1% for value added in the country. Alongside her teaching, Georgina is a tutor on The Ufton Drama Summer School, a gifted and talented drama programme for GCSE and A-level students. Georgina has recently written an adaptation of the classical Greek tragedy, Antigone, which is currently being edited for publication. Georgina works closely with the University of Reading to assist with the training of new drama teachers and mentors in the delivery of dynamic and contemporary approaches to teaching the subject.