DATE: Wednesday 29 April 2020 4pm (1hr)


This webinar is relevant to all specifications in England and Wales. It will give your students opportunities to consolidate their understanding of how to approach equilibrium calculations, giving them confidence to answer unstructured questions set in unfamiliar contexts. We begin by constructing expressions for Kc and working out relevant units before offering exemplar approaches to using information in questions to calculate required values. A similar approach is followed for calculations involving Kp.

The session will involve active participation, with several activities designed for paired or individual work, using an interactive set of notes which students will be able to refer to after the webinar to improve their exam revision.


  • Revisit and revise how to deduce expressions for Kc and Kp, including relevant units
  • Gain confidence in calculating values for equilibrium constants using a ‘step-by-step’ approach
  • Find routes through extended calculations set in unfamiliar contexts
  • Understand how to organise data presented in questions using the technique ‘What do I know? What can I work out? What am I being asked?’


  • All students of A level Chemistry


Introduction, welcome and sound check

Expressions for Kc

  • Activity to gain confidence in writing expressions for Kc and determining correct units

A step-by-step approach to calculating Kc and equilibrium yield

  • Students work through two calculations using a step-by-step scaffold

What do I know? What can I work out? What am I being asked?

  • Using data in questions to tackle an extended calculation: what is the examiner looking for

4.45 pm
Calculating Kp

  • Consolidating understanding of how to calculate quantities present at equilibrium

Conor Stone

Conor Stone has worked in Sixth Form colleges for over 17 years as Head of Department, STEM Coach and Performance Coach. Conor is Subject Leader in Education (SLE) and currently works in a sixth form college graded outstanding in all areas, where his results year-on-year are outstanding.