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In this webinar we you will be taken through the content of Paper 1 topic by topic and for each topic you will be guided through examinations questions. The key learning points will be highlighted as the content is explained. When working through examples, you will be guided as to how to approach your answers, and what the mark schemes require. Slides containing clear and detailed notes on the content will be provided in advance, as well as the exam questions we will be working through.


Gain example answers and expert guidance on how best to answer the following topics:

  • Energy stores and transfers – using the new language properly
  • Work and power calculations
  • Calculations of the various energy types and efficiency
  • Applying electric circuit rules for current, voltage and resistors and formulae to complex circuit questions
  • Voltage-current characteristic graphs for electric components explained
  • Sensing circuits: LDRs in light sensing circuits and thermistors in thermostats
  • Describing particles in solids liquid and gases and what happens to mass, kinetic energy and potential energy and temperature in changes of state
  • Formulae for specific latent heat and specific heat capacity
  • Pressure in gases and the effects of temperature and volume
  • Atomic structure and the differences between the plum pudding and Rutherford model
  • Nuclear decay equations
  • Half-life explanation and calculations
  • Fission and fusion



  • All students studying AQA GCSE Physics

Sarah Battams

Sarah is current Senior Examiner for A level and GCSE Physics with a leading examination board. She writes and edits for the online resource GCSE Pod and is an author of high-quality Physics resources on TES. She is an outstanding practitioner with consistently excellent examination results and value added at GCSE and A level. Her uptake at A-level is excellent. She believes that Physics lessons should be motivational and enable students to understand how to tackle examinations. This year she received outstanding feedback from the A-level Practical monitoring visit.

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