DATE:  Wednesday 08 May 2019: 4pm (1hr)


4.00 pm

  • Lessons from the 2018 Paper 3examination

4.10 pm

  • Using the pre-release booklet looking at main themes covered by the resource
  • The importance of the skills questions
  • Preparing for the issue evaluation question, the importance of planning a response rather than preparing a response

4.30 pm

  • Fieldwork skills tested in an unfamiliar context
  • Revising for the fieldwork questions: looking at approaches to help candidates tackle questions appropriately.
  • Understanding how to answer the high tariff questions

Dr Keith Bartlett

Keith is a highly experienced and nationally renowned trainer, former Senior Teacher and Head of Department for Geography.  He is a specification writer and fieldwork specialist. Keith was Principal Moderator for legacy GCSE Geography and is a senior examiner for the current GCSE course. He is also an author of numerous Geography textbooks.

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