DATE:  Wednesday 08 May 2019: 4pm (1hr)

CODE: 7392



This course will help candidates prepare for the Geographical Applications paper for the AQA GCSE course. Students will gain guidance from an AQA expert on how to use stimulus material and their own fieldwork studies to produce high scoring answers in the exam.  They will learn how to deal with all of the key elements of Paper 3 to the highest level and the best methods and approaches to use when revising for it.  They will receive example answers to use in their revision and which will show them what to do and what not to do in exams!  Students will gain an excellent understanding of the depth of knowledge required to answer Paper 3 well.

Areas covered include;

  • Lessons from the 2018 examinations
  • Using the pre-release booklet
  • The importance of the skills questions
  • Preparing for the issue evaluation question
  • Fieldwork skills tested in an unfamiliar context
  • Revising for the fieldwork questions
  • Understanding how to answer the high tariff questions



All students of AQA GCSE Geography


This course includes a set of course notes which will be sent in advance of the course and which you will be able to use

Dr Keith Bartlett

Keith is a highly experienced and nationally renowned trainer, former Senior Teacher and Head of Department for Geography.  He is a specification writer and fieldwork specialist. Keith was Principal Moderator for legacy GCSE Geography and is a senior examiner for the current GCSE course. He is also an author of numerous Geography textbooks.

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