DATE:  Wednesday 01 May 2019: 4pm (1hr)

CODE: 7391



This course will help prepare candidates for the Physical and Human Geography papers for the AQA GCSE course. Students will examine the key techniques to make sure that they score highly on all of the question types in the exams, including learning what not to do based on student mistakes in 2018.  They will receive example answers to use in their revision and will be guided by an AQA expert on the best way to revise using stimulus resources.  Students will look at key topics, what they need to know about them and how to approach the questions in the exam to ensure getting the highest grades.

Areas covered include;

  • Lessons from the 2018 examinations
  • Paper 1
    • The challenge of natural hazards unit
    • The living world
    • Questions about landforms
    • The importance of skills
    • Dealing with the high tariff questions
  • Paper 2
    • The urban issues and challenges unit
    • The changing economic world
    • Food, water or energy
    • Using resources provided within the paper to support answers



All students of AQA GCSE Geography


This course includes a set of course notes which will be sent in advance of the course and which you will be able to use

Dr Keith Bartlett

Keith is a highly experienced and nationally renowned trainer, former Senior Teacher and Head of Department for Geography.  He is a specification writer and fieldwork specialist. Keith was Principal Moderator for legacy GCSE Geography and is a senior examiner for the current GCSE course. He is also an author of numerous Geography textbooks.

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