DATE:  Wednesday 01 May 2019: 4pm (1hr)


4.00 pm

  • Lessons from the 2018 examinations

4.10 Paper 1

    • The challenge of natural hazards unit with reference to responses to hazards; UK weather event
    • The living world – opportunities and challenges, hot deserts and cold environments
    • Questions about landforms – the importance of processes and sequence when answering questions about landforms
    • The importance of skills – these are worth 60 marks across all three papers.

4.30 Activity

Dealing with the high tariff questions – responding to questions with commands, Discuss, Suggest and Explain


  • Paper 2
    • The urban issues and challenges unit – challenges and opportunities in LIC/NEE city
    • The changing economic world – how tourism can help reduce the development gap.
    • Food, water or energy
    • Using resources provided within the paper to support answers – how to make the best use of images, maps and graphs

Dr Keith Bartlett

Keith is a highly experienced and nationally renowned trainer, former Senior Teacher and Head of Department for Geography.  He is a specification writer and fieldwork specialist. Keith was Principal Moderator for legacy GCSE Geography and is a senior examiner for the current GCSE course. He is also an author of numerous Geography textbooks.

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