In this webinar we will look at the Physics required practicals, including practical methods, sources of errors, methods to improve accuracy, recording results to the correct precision, plotting graphs and drawing conclusions. We will work though exam questions involving the required practicals so that students will be confident in completing the practical and in understanding how to use the skills gained to answer written exam questions on similar experiments.


  • Explore key concepts and methodologies with an experienced examiner on the required practicals
  • Examine exam questions highlighting what is required for top marks, particularly when writing a method
  • Practise applying knowledge and understanding to novel and unfamiliar situations.
  • You will be provided with a huge resource pack containing theory and practice exam questions


  • Higher Tier students of AQA GCSE Physics


Welcome and Introduction

4.05 – 4.30pm
Examining typical practical endorsement activities

  • Thermal insulation – testing different materials as insulators by wrapping them around boiling tubes of water and plotting the cooling curves.
  • Finding the resistance of a resistor and combinations of resistors
  • I-V characteristics – plotting the current versus voltage graphs for components (resistor, filament lamp, diode)
  • Density – finding the density of various materials including liquids, regular solids and irregular solids
  • Force and extension – investigating how adding force to a spring affects the spring extension and calculating the spring constant

4.30 – 5.00pm
Investigating typical exam questions on practical activities

  • How practical skills are tested in the exams – the unfamiliar context
  • Analyse and mark exam answers based on the following topics: Acceleration, Waves, Light, Radiation and absorption
  • Top Revision tips and guidance – what you can do to practice


Sarah Battams

Sarah is current Senior Examiner for A level and GCSE Physics with a leading examination board. She writes and edits for the online resource GCSE Pod and is an author of high-quality Physics resources on TES. She is an outstanding practitioner with consistently excellent examination results and value added at GCSE and A level. Her uptake at A-level is excellent. She believes that Physics lessons should be motivational and enable students to understand how to tackle examinations. This year she received outstanding feedback from the A-level Practical monitoring visit.

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