Wednesday 28 April 2021 – 4pm

Code: 7871

About this webinar

Ensure your students are prepared on the key topics for their exam preparation with this focused one-hour webinar on AQA A Level Psychology Paper 2.

Led by senior examiner Jean-Marc, students will explore the best ways to revise key topics for the AQA Paper 2 and demonstrates how to translate those into excellent A level answers which can access the highest grades.

This interactive webinar will provide your students with:

Focus on key areas of Paper 2 topics, including:

  • Biological rhythms
  • Learning approaches
  • The use of comparison to gain AO3 credit
  • Answering application questions


  • Gain a developed understanding of key areas of Paper 2 topics
  • Explore what examiners are looking for in top level answers
  • Focus on content essential to the formation of top-level answers on Biopsychology and Psychological approaches
  • Take away strategies for creating answers that access to top-band marks
  • Look at example responses showing what examiners look for and what to avoid


All students of AQA A level Psychology

Introduction and welcome

Biopsychology: Focus on key topic areas

  • Revising circadian biological rhythms
  • Ultradian biological rhythms
  • Infradian biological rhythms
  • The role of endogenous pacemakers and exogenous zeitgebers

Strategies for the formation of top level responses to application questions

  • How to produce excellent answers – reaching the top mark band every time

Student Activity

  • Feedback on student responses

4.35 pm Producing excellent exam answers on Psychological approaches

  • Learning approaches – the key to revising these successfully
  • Classical and operant conditioning
  • Social learning theory: what makes a good answer on these

4.50 pm  The use of comparison to gain AO3 credit

  • Analysing, interpreting and evaluating scientific information, ideas and evidence, to make judgements and reach conclusions

4.55pm Student Activity on short answer questions

  • Assessing the quality of Paper 2 answers using comparison
  • Final questions and answers

Jean-Marc Lawton

Jean-Marc is an experienced A-level examiner, lecturer and teacher of psychology and has written many highly regarded books on the subject. He has also worked in a senior capacity for several exam boards and has a wealth of experience and advice to give to teachers and students of the subject.