Date: Thursday 5 November 2020 – 4.30pm


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This webinar is the first in a series of four GCSE focused webinars which aim to introduce students to the level at which they will have to work to achieve the highest grades.  Although this is part of a series it can also be attended as a standalone session.  Students will gain an understanding of the academic rigor of the GCSEs, strategies to ensure that they are studying at the highest level and preparing themselves to tackle the highest order questions in the GCSE.  The webinar will also address the most common mistakes made by students in the previous exam series in this topic and how to avoid them.  They will leave with techniques to use exam materials for effective revision and to analyse and address their own performance in exams.


  • Electricity topic student audit sheet
  • A methodology for approaching high demand electricity questions
  • Exams insights and exam technique from the 2019 examination reports
  • Comprehensive strategy to prepare for GCSE Exams

PROGRAMME (4.30 – 5.30pm)

4.30pm:  Welcome and Introduction

  • Technical check
  • Some considerations for the class of 2021
  • Accompanying materials

4:35 pm:  Electricity content audit.  

  • How to use the audit and what to do with the outcome of it.
  • Priority strategy. You cannot leave it to chance.
  • Self-quizzing is crucial, it builds recall. You then need to do exam practice to develop problem solving skills.

4:50pm: Cognitive Load Theory in Electricity Questions                

  • How to use the detail in the content audit to solve the problems in a GCSE question.
  • A question is not a question, but it is a problem to be solved.
  • An example of how cognitive load can be increased in a GCSE Electricity question

5:00pm: Higher order skills questions                 

  • The importance of exam practice.
  • How the examiner raises the challenge of an electricity question.

5:15pm:  How to use exam materials to prepare for exams                                                     

  • Decode, plan, answer, check format to answer questions.
  • How to use examiners reports.
  • Common electricity topic mistakes from 2019 exam series.


Kit Betts-Masters

Kit Betts-Masters is a Head of Science, a GCSE Examiner and creator of the popular GCSE and A Level Physics revision channel GorillaPhysics.  He makes tutorials, exam solution and revision tips videos.  He is also author of the books Memorise Equations for GCSE Physics and Prepare for the Challenge of A Level Physics.  Follow him on Twitter as @GorillaPhysics or visit his website at