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This fast-paced webinar is designed to give teachers some different ideas to approaching the GCSE specification.  These techniques have been designed with both pupil engagement and the exam in mind.  We will look at various types of material culture sources (sculpture, vases architecture etc.) from both Thematic Studies (Women in the Ancient World and Myth and Religion) and all Literature and Culture options (Homeric World, War and Warfare, Roman City Life).


  • Pick up a variety of teaching strategies
  • Develop effective teaching materials
  • Build pupils’ confidence by effective scaffolding
  • Build pupils’ independent learning
  • Focus on achieving marks for both AO1 and AO2


  • All teachers of GCSE Classical Civilisation


4:15  Introduction and aims

4:20  Say what you see

  • Encouraging the pupils to have confidence in giving their own opinions about the sources
  • Considering how much context is necessary before the pupils can begin to discover the                    ancient world for themselves
  • Model examination answers showing this approach

4:30 Material, design, execution, position

  • Encouraging the pupils to adopt this approach to material culture
  • Model examination answers showing this approach

4:40  Build up the building

  • How to look at whole buildings which are given as a source
  • Encouraging the pupils to structure their evaluation effectively
  • Model examination answers showing this approach

4:50  Slow reveal

  • Encouraging the close, detailed evaluation which examiners require
  • Model examination answers showing this approach

5:00     Become an archaeologist

  • Encouraging pupils to classify primary sources
  • Understanding the differences between AO1 and AO2: what is the examiner looking for?
  • Model examination answers showing this approach

5:10        Questions

Alastair Thorley

Alastair is the Head of Classics at Stockport Grammar School. The school has a department of four full-time Classics teachers. He teaches Latin and Classical Civilisation at all levels of the school. After its introduction 14 years ago, Classical Civilisation remains strong at the school with around 100 pupils studying the subject at GCSE and 40 continuing to AS/A Level. Alastair has taught GCSE Classical Civilisation for 17 years. In the last three years 76% of his pupils have achieved either A* or A.

He currently marks the Epic and Myth paper for OCR and AS Classical Civilisation for AQA. Alistair contributed to two of the Bloomsbury/OCR A Level Classical Civilisation text books: “Invention of the Barbarian” and “Love and Relationships”.

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