This interactive webinar will provide you and your students with a variety of approaches to succeed in the design elements of the GCSE written examinations. This will be useful particularly for teachers who are unfamiliar with elements of design or find the teaching of those elements particularly challenging.


  • Ways to explore the areas where students are failing and to identify common errors and omissions.
  • Ways to increase student knowledge of key terms – how to cover every element well!
  • What is the significance of “Veruca Salt Likes Cooking Spicy Apple Pie?”
  • Ways to link students’ practical experience to the exam.
  • New approaches to teaching and learning about design features


Introduction, welcome and sound check

Where are the problems? Tips for the content students struggle with 

  • Common errors and omissions
  • Veruca Salt Like Cooking Spicy Apple Pie – exploring ways of tackling general and specific design questions

Framework for answering Set Text design questions and tips

Approaches to marking

  • Marking, feedback and response – what, when and how

When do we have time to cover design? 

  • Structuring your course to increase success in tackling design questions
  • Embedding design and the written examination into the practical lessons

Increasing student knowledge and memory

  • Quizzes
  • Over learning
  • Vocabulary check

Chris Lambert

Chris Lambert is an AST in Drama. He has been teaching for 20 years and in that time has been a head of two very successful Drama departments, has trained Primary and Secondary teachers across the region, has delivered workshops for Keynote on Key Stage Three and Four Drama. Most recently he trained Drama teachers in Budapest to develop their devising skills. Chris also works as a writer, he has had various plays published and professionally performed and is currently working on a fourth volume of short stories.