Wednesday 26 May 2021 – 4pm

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ABOUT THIS WEBINAR: Scholarly Debates on Homer Odyssey

One of the biggest challenges for many teachers in the new Classical Civilisation A level has been the requirement to deploy secondary sources and scholars.  This webinar will address this concern directly, providing you with advice about how to incorporate modern scholarship, giving an overview of the key debates, and equipping you with ideas for how to engage students with these.  Coverage will include the debate over Homer himself, as well as academic debates over the interpretation of the text.   There will be a focus on how to meet the AO2 requirement for “critical perceptive analysis” of scholarship on Homer’s Odyssey, and how students can deploy these in the 30 mark essays. The webinar will also examine exemplar material to help you to apply the key principles covered in the webinar.


  • All teachers of A-level Classical Civilisation


  • Find out exactly what is meant by the mark scheme’s requirement to engage with ‘secondary sources, scholars and/or academic works’
  • Take part in a marking exercise using current student essays in order to develop your understanding of how to apply the mark scheme
  • Discover 12 ways in which to get your students to engage with scholars!
  • Take away specific resources which summarise the main interpretations of the Odyssey for you.


Welcome and sound check for all delegates

Presentation on how to fulfil the requirement to use modern scholarship in the mark scheme

Activity: You will have been sent some student essays in advance of the webinar, and we will discuss the marks for these, along with tips on how to apply the mark scheme.

Presentation: Current scholarship on the Odyssey, with an overview of the main areas of debate.

Summary: 12 ways in which to get your students to engage with scholars – a collection of tips and ideas to save you time and also to engage your students!

Mark Robinson

Mark is an experienced examiner and Head of Humanities, with over 25 years teaching experience of both Classical Civilisation and History. He has marked on the first year of the linear AS exam, and has marked for both OCR and AQA. He has a particular interest in innovative strategies for improving student performance, and is the author of a number of Ted-Ed videos on Classical Civilisation.

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