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This webinar is aimed at developing your knowledge on how to challenge high ability learners, including a review of your curriculum model, an insight into the exam papers and the questions most commonly designed to challenge higher ability students.
This webinar includes a set of notes which will be sent in advance for teachers to use with their students and which students will be able to use after the webinar to improve their examination revision.

This interactive webinar will provide you with:

  • Examples of successful curriculum models and processes to ensure maximum chance of success
  • Knowledge of how questions are designed in order to challenge the high ability learners
  • The importance of critical thinking embedded into your lessons
  • An understanding of how to structure responses to reach level 3 in AO3 answers


  • Heads of PE
  • Teachers of GCSE PE


Welcome, introductions and sound check

Part 1: Building a successful curriculum model that challenges your high ability learners

  • The early identification of high ability learners
  • Creating opportunities for high ability learners to stand out – in all elements of the course
  • Structuring content delivery for high ability learners

Question design and how high ability learners can identify these to maximise their marks

  • Understand key terms and styles that examiners use to challenge learners of a high ability
  • See examples and work through common errors to ensure high ability learners achieve their potential

Structuring extended answers for top marks

  • See and use examples of good structures to help write extended answers
  • Using good connections and developing a framework that examiners will expect to see
  • Understand the marking criteria so learners can structure their answer
  • Applying the knowledge – what examiners expect to see
  • Teaching tips for developing these skills in the classroom

Wayne Pickersgill

Wayne is currently a Senior Team Leader and Examiner in Sports Studies and Sports Science. He is an experienced head of PE and teacher of all examination courses, including Cambridge Nationals, with proven results of 90% or higher A-C / 5+.