Monday 24 February 2020 4pm (1hr)

Code: 7801


This webinar includes a set of notes which will be sent in advance for teachers to use with students aiming for Grades 4 and 5 and which students will be able to use after the webinar to improve their exam revision.

This interactive webinar will provide teachers with:

  • A particular focus on how to score better marks
  • Feedback from the 2019 examination series on what differentiated students at Grades 4 and 5
  • Strategies to improve student answers
  • Develop students’ ability to answer AO2 application questions
  • A framework for the extended answers


  • Access exam technique tips for all students
  • Understand the key topic areas for specific focus
  • Recognise where students can gain marks
  • Ask questions directly


Introduction, welcome and sound check

Essential areas for improvement for mid-range students

  • Feedback from Examiners’ reports on performance at Grades 4 and 5
  • How to get mid ability students to understand the importance of good exam technique
  • Understanding the questions – techniques to help mid-range students apply their knowledge successfully
  • Writing developed statements

Component 1: Identifying the challenging areas in Paper 1

  • Tackling the Body systems with Grade 4/5 students
  • Improving attainment in Movement Analysis
  • Preparing for questions on Fitness and training

Activity 1

  • Analysing student responses: Grades 4 and 5 requirements

4.35 pm
Component 2: Improving student performance in Paper 2

  • Teaching an understanding of key areas in Sports Psychology
  • Understanding the focus of Socio-cultural influences
  • Activity 2: Planning a framework for extended answers

Components 3 and 4 – going the extra mile

  • Moving up the grading criteria for better practical marks: where students miss marks, and how to make sure your students don’t.
  • Writing PEPs – what must be included to score better marks

Final top tips

David Pryce

David is an experienced Senior Examiner and Moderator who has delivered a wide range of training at conferences and CPD events. With over twenty years’ experience of teaching and examining GCE and GCSE PE, he combines a range of teaching and learning strategies with real insight into the key skills needed for examination success. He is the author of a range of textbooks for GCSE PE.