Date: Thursday 01 October 2020

Code: 8197


To support your students in catching up with their course, the ‘Bridge the gap’ series is a sequence of courses, aimed at consolidating knowledge, whilst also looking forward to assessment at the end of 2021. This short course will focus and reacquaint students on key first year topic of Waves in the first year programme of most A level Physics syllabuses which many students will be studying during the summer term 2020. The webinar will focus on the key challenges of the interference of waves and refraction of light and address qualitative and problem-solving questions that are likely to be asked on these topics. The webinar is interactive, there will be tasks, activities, work set, opportunities for students to ask questions throughout. There will also be course notes for the students produced by current examiners in A level Physics.


  • Provide a deepening of knowledge and skills of first year topics as a bridge towards the second year of you’re a level Physics studies
  • Experience a unique opportunity to hear from an experienced examiner in A level Physics
  • Gain top level advice and guidance on how to access the higher grades in examinations
  • Enhance your understanding of key areas of Physics, all linked directly to the exam papers
  • Take away a full set of conference notes, with examination tips and example answers

PROGRAMME (4.00 – 5.00pm)

4.00 – 4.05  pm Welcome and Introduction

4.05pm:   Key Essentials & Exam Questions: Diffraction Patterns

  • Use of diffraction simulation software to deepen understanding of interference
  • How to explain the process of superposition verbally
  • Explaining and applying the double slit and diffraction formulae
  • Questions, question types on diffraction patterns, model answers

4.25pm:  Key Essentials & Exam Questions: Standing Waves                      

  • Using a Phet simulation demonstration to explain how standing waves are produced
  • How to compute the harmonics for waves on strings and in pipes
  • Learning how to use an oscilloscope to analyse wave properties
  • Tackling questions on different types of standing wave including practical-based questions
  • Grade A/A* responses and pitfalls to avoid

4.45pm:  – Tackling Questions on the Refraction of light                                                                               

  • Understanding the concept of refractive index and Snell’s Law
  • Using simulation software to demonstrate of the concepts of critical angle and TIR
  • Solving complex problems with two or more media
  • Looking at more complex questions relating to application of refraction (particularly fibre optics)
  • Grade A Grade A/A* responses on describe/explain questions
  • Tackling the key challenge areas

5pm Finish


Tony Dunn is a current examiner for OCR A-level Physics and has taught for over 30 years in secondary schools and sixth form colleges, mainly in inner city areas, specialising in A-level Physics. Since the new A-level curriculum was introduced, he has had 100% pass rates with all his A-level Physics groups, whilst working at an inclusive college in a deprived borough. He was a Head of Science for 12 years and also spent several years training Physics teachers in SE Asia.

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