Vision of Mentoring Excellence Conference


Vision of Mentoring Excellence Conference


London | Thursday 24 November 2022



Recent findings show that teacher recruitment and retention challenges continue with substantial risk that a large range of secondary subjects will not meet recruitment targets. Current research also shows that teacher exit rates are creeping up, with a growing number of senior leaders reporting of increased teacher turnover.

The significance of the impact of these challenges has led to the development of DfE ECF, rolled out in September 2021, to provide high quality support to teachers throughout their careers, and particularly those in the first years of teaching when the learning curve is steepest. One year on, the changed and changing landscape of new teacher development is bringing about a whole new set of questions, challenges and opportunities regarding new teacher development, new approaches to mentoring, an exciting time for taking on the opportunities, and relooking at ECT development from new perspectives, innovations and ambitions.

The conference is aimed for all senior leaders who are involved in new teacher development, mentoring new teachers, recruiting and retaining teachers. It brings together renowned, leading experts in the field, including Katharine Birbalsingh (Headteacher Michaela Community School, Social Mobility Commissioner), Mike Buchannan (Headteacher, Founder Positively Leading), Professor Rachel Lofthouse (Professor of Teacher Education, Leeds Beckett University) and Mark Pritchard (Executive Principal, Leadership Development Coach, Researcher) alongside other high-calibre ECT professionals. 



Katharine Birbalsingh CBE

Headteacher Michaela Community School, Social Mobility Commissioner.


Professor Rachel Lofthous

Professor of Teacher Education, Leeds Beckett University


Mike Buchannan

Headteacher, Founder Positively Leading (coaching/mentoring and strategy consultancy).


Maria O’Neill

Leader, Researcher, Author, Advanced Skills Teacher, Mentor and Supervisor.


Haili Hughes

Head of Education, Senior Lecturer and Teacher Development Mentor Lead.


Mark Pritchard

Executive Principal, Leadership Develipment Coach, Researcher.


Adrian McLean

Leader at Seven Academies Educational Trust, Trustee Governors for Schools


Fe Brewer

Lead Teacher Educator, Mentor, Author.


Andrew Cowley FCCT

Speaker and Author, Coach for Designated Mental Health Leads, Leeds Beckett University.




  • Gain insights into the challenges faced by mentors in the changed mentoring landscape.
  • Create a vision of excellence underpinned by new perspectives in mentorship.
  • Gain strategies on measuring the impact of mentoring excellence in your school.
  • Take away strategies to develop, challenge and stretch new teachers learning to develop their vision for effective teaching in their phase/specialism.
  • Hear from leading experts who are driving improvements in the field of mentoring and early career teacher development.
  • Find out more about how to achieve a thriving mentoring culture of high expectations, high challenge and high reward.
  • Discover how to address recruitment and retention crisis through effective mentorship.
  • Take away practical approaches to establish your school as the best school for ECTs.
  • Consider how to measure the impact of mentoring excellence in your school

DATE London | Thursday 24 November 2022
  • Heads of MATs and Trust Alliances
  • Headteachers, Vice Principals, Deputy Principals
  • Deputy and Assistant Headteachers
  • Mentors
  • Teacher s responsible for Mentors
  • Leaders of Further Education
  • Leaders of Higher Education
  • Secondary School Leaders
  • All speaker presentations
  • Full set of conference notes
  • Materials, and resources
  • CPD Certificate


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