DATE:  Wednesday 28 November 2018: 4pm (1hr)



At this webinar, teachers will receive pointers as to where the best primary sources and vital ideas on the historiography of the period can be found and used. It will consider exactly what an understanding of breadth may look like, including the most significant turning points and how students should approach revision in this specific topic. Examination of how to develop an understanding in depth and how much detail is necessary to support argument will further reinforce achievements for essay topics. The webinar will also consider how to avoid the most common mistakes made by students in writing an NEA on Civil Rights in the USA.



All teachers delivering Unit 1K The making of a Superpower: USA, 1865–1975, Unit 2Q The American Dream: reality and illusion, 1945–1980, or NEA questions that consider this topic.

Keith Milne

Keith has over 25 years teaching and examining experience. He is a Senior Moderator with a major exam board and has authored and advised on a series of popular books including those detailing how to succeed with the NEA. He leads a number of courses exploring the routes to success at A Level History.

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