Tuesday 05 May 2020 4pm – 5.30pm
Tuesday 06 October 2020 4pm – 5.30pm

Code: 7521

Excellent achievement in both the creative and descriptive writing in Paper One and the persuasive and transactional writing in Paper Two.


This webinar provides an opportunity to perfect exam techniques and skills that will ensure progression to the highest levels of the mark scheme for the writing elements of the English Language GCSE. It is designed for those students who are targeting Grades 7 to 9. As well as specific advice on creating sophisticated and imaginative narratives, there will be activities that will help your pupils develop impressive grammatical structures.


  • Gain exceptional understanding of how to approach the creative writing task in Paper 1.
  • Obtain top level strategies for producing highly structured and developed writing.
  • Focus on what constitutes a sophisticated response to the non-fiction writing question in Paper 2.
  • Enhance learning with activities which help reach the highest standards of grammar and vocabulary.
  • This course includes a set of course notes which will be sent in advance of the course.


  • All students of AQA GCSE English Language


4.00pm Welcome and introductions

4.05pm Section B – Understanding the mark scheme

  • What does a grade 7 – 9 pupil look like?
  • Explaining the key words in the mark scheme.
  • How to make intelligent use of your time.

4.20pm Final techniques and Revision Booster for Paper 1 – Section B

  • Key messages from the examiners about sophisticated and impressive answers.
  • Examine a sample answer – what makes it compelling?
  • Planning for an impressive response using a range of different structures.
  • Creating a theme using imagery and connotation.
  • Boosting vocabulary and grammar for subtle impact.

4.50pm Paper 2 Section B: Writing to present a viewpoint

  • Top tips from the chief examiner’s report.
  • Explore a sample answer – how could it be improved?
  • How to create a voice that is both formal and sophisticated.
  • Using rhetorical devices convincingly.
  • How to manipulate sentences for maximum effect.

5.20pm Question and answer session with the examiner

  • Top tips for producing an outstanding answer on the 40 mark question.
  • Question and answer session.

Judith Dixon

Judith Dixon has delivered successful Student Conferences on GCSE English Language and led Teaching Conferences on a range of subjects including Progression in the English Classroom and Planning and Modelling for Extended Writing. She has been teaching English in comprehensive secondary schools for over twenty years. As Head of English, she made substantial improvements in GCSE and A Level results and led the delivery of the Extended Project Qualification. She is an experienced examiner for a leading exam board at GCSE and A Level and has authored an on-line course for independent A Level English Literature candidates