DATE:  Thursday 28 February 2019: 4pm (1hr)

CODE: 7390



This webinar will examine how to approach the extended questions (6 and 9 markers) in the AQA GCSE PE examinations. The webinar will help students to ascertain the depth of knowledge required, how to apply this knowledge to questions and how to show that evaluation has been considered. The webinar will make use of example questions and show common pitfalls when being examined in these question types. There will be a focus on the assessment objectives throughout (AO1, 2 and 3) and students will be part of an interactive experience that will help them prepare for the examinations.



  • Gain specific strategies for tackling 6 and 9 mark questions with confidence
  • Learn how to use all your PE knowledge to produce outstanding answers
  • Find out what examiners mean by evaluation in PE and how to use what you have learnt to really show it
  • Get examples of excellent answers which you can use in your revision
  • Learn how to target your revision so that you will get high marks on the most difficult questions
  • This course includes a set of course notes which will be sent in advance of the course and which you will be able to use



All students of GCSE Physical Education (AQA specification)

Ross Howitt

Ross is Principal Moderator and Coursework Advisor for a major exam board. He has managed a strong team of teachers in one of the country’s largest and most successful providers of A Level Physical Education and brings a wealth of experience to this course. Ross has a strong reputation for delivering focused and informative INSET courses and is a regular provider of articles and information to a number of educational periodicals. He provides educational consultancy in schools/ colleges around the country.

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