Monday 22 March 2021 – 4.00pm

Code: 8471


This 60-minute webinar is designed to support students who wish to achieve A and A* in the Eduqas Drama A-level. This webinar will equip students with high-level practical ways to enhance their approach to devised and scripted work in component one and two. The session will look at how to effectively prepare and structure responses for the Component one and two written responses intrinsically linked to the quality and refinement of the practical work developed. The session will explore the component three written examination and involve picking apart top band examples, identifying what makes them A/A* standard.


  • Gain confidence in your approach to each component of the Eduqas Drama A-level
  • Take away a range of advanced approaches for devised and scripted work
  • Become aware of exactly what examiners and your teachers are looking for in the structure of the best answers
  • Best practice examples, especially of moving between a Band 4 and Band 5 response.


  • Students aiming for an A/A* at A-level Drama
  • Students coasting on an A and looking for ways to secure that A*
  • Students looking to further equip themselves with tools and advice to ensure they achieve an A/A* at A-level
  • Students looking to identify what makes an A/A* student in A-level Drama


4.00 pm – Introduction and consideration of assessment criteria

4.05 pm – Component One and Two Toolbox

What does A/A* practical work look like? How do we develop, sustain and refine practical work? Effective rehearsal room practice specific to C1 and C2

Identify best practice, examine top band responses in the portfolio and process report and understand the link between A/A* practical work and A/A* written responses

4.35 pm – Component Three

  • Overview and exploration of better and weaker answers to Component Three, Section A and B
  • A clear indication of the most typical traits of a B4 and a B5 response. How do examiners tell the difference?
  • The qualities of an A and A* response
  • The absolute necessary knowledge and content to achieve well in C3

4.55 pm – Final pointers/Q and A

Ishani Thorpe

Ishani Thorpe is Head of Drama the Royal High School Bath. Ishani is an experienced Eduqas examiner in all three components. An outstanding teacher, Ishani has taught and prepared students for the Eduqas GCSE and A-level examinations for over eight years, achieving grades 7-9 year on year. In addition, Ishani is a founding member of the Band of Mothers ensemble and frequently writes, performs, and participates in theatre workshops with them.